Malta is in Europe

Please add Malta to this page

Malta is an EU member, and delivery can be arranged with MaltaPost with their SendOn Service which means you get the UK free delivery and then just 18 Euros for a one month box to Malta. (

Can you price in Euros ?

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Hi @PhilipEatonRichards

I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying there is a UK address you can send to who will forward onto you? If yes why do you need Malta added?



Hi Julian,

I live in Malta and think it is unfortunate to see a website that offers delivery to all of Europe and does not list Malta, it may be a small country but it is a full EU member and a list of countries in Europe is not complete without Malta. I believe that providing information for Maltese residents would be useful if any were thinking of trying Huel and not every resident would know about the Maltapost “SendOn” service and may be put off by the high price of shipping.

The Maltapost “sendon service” enables an individual living in Malta to have goods delivered to an address in the UK. The consignment is then shipped to Malta in a cost effective manner (18 euros per 1 month box) and delivered to the door of the individual. It is a good service, works well for Huel and is a cost effective solution when compared to the standard shipping costs I was quoted (about 1/3rd the price) when I first enquired with Huel.

Hi Philip,

The reason we haven’t put it on is because of the big costs involved as we discussed previously. The cost of shipping for Malta is:

1 week £44
2 weeks £52
4 weeks £65

And all of these also suffer a £15 out of area surcharge on top. However, your solution sounds brilliant, I have no idea how it could be so cheap! I’ll just double check all the information, but it would be worth putting it onto the site if it saves so much money.


Thanks for your reply, yes the big costs are quite offputting and it was a great relief to find that the SendOn service works. It is not a fast service at all, I allow another 14 days from when you deliver in the UK so some patience required!
On the link given you can enter the dimensions of different consignments and get an immediate quote, Malta post takes their 18 euros cash on delivery and an account is easy to set up, for Malta Residents just providing a suggestion to use the link provided should be ok ! ( with an appropriate disclaimer of course!).
If I can be of further assistance please do let me know,

What does
“1 week £44
2 weeks £52
4 weeks £65”

actually mean ? I am baffled.

1 weeks worth of Huel costs £44 to ship, 2 weeks weighs more but shipping cost is not doubled. And 4 weeks costs even more to ship?

4 years ago, when this post was created, we measured Huel in how long it would last if you have 2000kcal a day. 1 week equalled 2 pouches, which at the time had 7000kcal per pouch.

We don’t expect people to use Huel for 2000kcal a day, we just talk about Huel in pouches/meals now.

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