Maltodextrin dangerous?

I’m currently trying to build muscle as a bodybuilder, and in my immense laziness I’ve turned to Huel. I want to hit 3,000 calories a day, so I’ve been adding 64g of maltodextrin to every meal, which adds an extra 250 calories to every 500 calorie meal. But I’m concerned whether or not this is sustainable long term, does that amount of maltodextrin cause blood sugar spikes, and is maltodextrin safe in such quantities? The internet seems rife with articles saying maltodextrin is bad for your intestinal health amongst other things. I have tried to do some research, but haven’t found anything solid about mixing complex carbohydrates such as those in Huel with simple carbs like maltodextrin, and what that does to blood sugar. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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There’s plenty more in the way of nutritious ingredients you can boost the calories with. I, for one, use fine desiccated coconut - plenty of calories and healthy fats in it.

The problem with desiccated coconut is the additional fibre.

Do you want to add carbs only? If not, here are some simple ways of adding calories:

  1. Add oil - Olive, coconut, choose your preference! You’ll also add less oil than you would have to Maltodextrin as it’s more calorie dense
  2. Replace the water you mix Huel with with milk
  3. Mix peanut butter into your Huel
  4. Add desiccated coconut (@Mattcooperkay!)
  5. You can just add oats or other grains instead of maltodextrin
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Hmm, I’ve never found additional fibre a problem personally. You’d only be adding an extra 11 or so grams per day.

:penguin: i dunno much…wish you luck…