As a woman who has been deficient in iron (previously prescribed ferrous fumerate) in the past, I am concerned about my risk of retaining too much manganese. Did the Huel nutritionists choose to add so much (if so why?!) or is it naturally occurring in the powder? Also, as a woman I am not sure the line; ‘Men absorb less manganese than women as they have larger iron stores. As it’s likely that men will be consuming more Huel than women, there’s even less chance that excessive manganese ingestion could be an issue’, is meant to reassure me?!

It’s all making me question if it is safe for me to carry on with this.

After medical treatment I am hoping my iron deficiency is now resolved (it was not related to me being vegetarian I hasten to add but was related to ‘women’s problems’), however I am worried that my iron stores are likely lower than meat eaters or men (!) and what with me ‘being a women and all’, is continuing with Huel advisable?

(Top tip product designers, you may wish to review all this to make the information a bit less alarming to us ladies!)

HI @Pitstop
I assume you’ve read the bit here: as it looks like this is what you’ve quoted.

We didn’t add any manganese to Huel - it’s all natural from the ingredients.

If you have liver disease then a high intake of managese may be a concern, otherwise there should be no issue with the Huel formula.

Hi James

Yes I did read the info.
Glad to hear none was added.

I do wonder why you make the point about men and Huel being at less risk, as it makes it less appealing to me and perhaps other women?

Thanks; I’ll look at re-wording that point.

Freaked me out too. Glad to see I’m not the only one