First Impression & Manganese Question

Hey, just tried my first batch. Impressed. It has a fresh natural taste. I was probably expecting something pretty synthetic.

Before trying I got an opinion on nutrition from a family member ,a specialist dietician in end-of-life care, (and also naturally skeptical). She actually thought it was a good product to supplement my diet with, I’ve always had a tendency to skip meals at times of stress or resort to saturated fat-rich ready meals. She wasn’t sure about the rationale behind why there is such a high amount of manganese in the product as a deficiency syndrome is so rare.

I know the per day amount in Huel is below the estimated limit but over a long period it could start to be a bit harsh on the liver if it’s having to excrete it. Is it a result of using certain plant proteins?

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The manganese is all from the oats, so there is no added manganese.