Matt Fitzgerald's Diet Quality Score and Huel


I’ve been reading about Matt Fitzgerald’s Diet Quality Score (DQS). For those unfamiliar it is basically (very basically) trying to ensure you get a balanced diet containing all the food groups (as categorized by him), so you get points for eating e.g. a portion of grains, but then as you eat more you get fewer points, and if you have too much it starts to go negative.

I am wondering if anyone else follows this and if so, how they categorise Huel powder and Huel bars? The potential categories I see it might fit in are:
Whole Grains
High-quality processed foods
Legumes and Plant Proteins

You can do half portions so Huel could potentially cross between multiple. You get very few points for high-quality processed foods though so if I categorise it as that, and eat Huel twice a day, the DQS is pretty bad, which doesn’t seem to fit with the whole point of Huel being a full meal replacement and nutritionally complete.

Any thoughts? Is this incompatible with Huel?

As far as I remember, although Huel might seem like a processed food at first glance, the actual processing is pretty minimal - essentially just grinding to a fine powder. I would think it’s actually closer to a “whole food” than processed, but @JamesCollier would be the one to ask.

Hi guys

I’m not familiar with that DQS, but you can read about Huel and food processing here.