"Mention Me" Referral hasn't added my discount?

Hi, I referred a friend recently who spent over £40 on their first order and I’ve not had the referral discount added to my account. It definitely worked too as they said they got discount on their end. Any ideas what’s going on and if I could have it added to my account? :confused: Thanks!

Hey there, so sorry to hear that your referral discount hasn’t gone through. We’ll sort it out for you if we possibly can! Could you send across your email address and your friend’s email address used, along with any codes they used if applicable (probably best to DM me :slight_smile: )

Hope to have this sorted ASAP.

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Same thing has happened to me!

Edit: Everything sorted! I think there’s a problem when referrals use one email to get the code and perhaps another when they go through checkout. Checkout experience could probably be improved IMHO.