Metabolism boost?

I have just ordered my first lot of Huel (Black) following a few reviews online.

By admission, I am in a unhealthy eating pattern, eating very little and then occasionally having a really healthy meal.

I have gained weight around my stomach and have zero energy, also showing signs of perimenopause so my life style and the way I approach food needs to change to match my change in age/hormones.

I am hoping that by adding Huel through the day, in particular at lunchtime will give my metabolism a good kick start!!

I need to learn how to adapt with body changes as I move through my mid 40s. If anyone else is on a similar journey, I would like to know and any advice too.

Why would you think Huel would give your metabolism a boost?

At the moment, I think anything additional in my day would help with energy levels and overall well being

Boosting metabolism means that your metabolism is more effective and consumes more calories to sustain life.
Just by adding something to your diet, you won’t achieve that result.
If we’re talking about feeling more energetic and having a clearer mind, then surely switching out unhealthy food for a healthier alternative will suffice.

Hi Sjb, I think anything which improves your diet should make you feel more energetic so Huel should be good for that.

Overall I think exercise is the best way of boosting metabolism; but good food, vitamin/mineral supplements, and food combining might also help. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You can make your metabolism adapt to higher calories by consuming higher amounts every day for long periods of time (the same applies when you go down), but you can’t change your metabolism if you eat the same amount of calories just with different things.
Building muscle, actually, not any type of exercise, can increase your metabolism (since muscle mass requires more energy to survive compared to fat mass); by simply running, your metabolism will remain the same (you will, although, consume more calories, allowing you to eat more calories while maintaining your weight), and, as with calories, it will adapt: if you now consume 300kcal in a run, and keep doing the same run over and over and over again, in a given amount of time, your body will optimise and consume fewer calories for that same run.

I am aiming for an improvement and will see how I feel after a week or so and so on.
I would like to get more structure to my day to day eating

I don’t particularly eat unhealthy foods… Just very little food overall
Maybe the word metabolism has been used incorrectly… Also an area I need to understand more.
Initially I just need to get some nutrients in me on a regular basis

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Inicolett, for what it’s worth I’d say good food, supplements, food combining indeed do help boost metabolism, at least from in my own experience. The better I eat, the more energetic I feel, so I take more exercise, and my metabolism is boosted.

“The power of exercise to boost metabolism is on top of its positive effects on blood pressure, heart rate, fitness, body fat, and body weight.”
Benefits of exercise on metabolism: more profound than previously reported (

But that’s not a direct consequence. That’s you making this, because of the benefits of dietary changes.

why is this quote here? :smiley:

It’s from the article.

and yes, one of the benefits of dietary changes can be boosted metabolism, either indirectly or as a direct consequence. Caffeine will do the latter. Not recommended tho’ (also from personal exp.) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Welcome to Huel Sara, keep us posted with how you get on!

Maybe, I understand where you’re coming from. When we make what seem like easy, relatively small changes to our diet and see big results we tend to look elsewhere for explanations.

You might find that tracking your calories for a couple of days gives you a better idea of how much you’re eating.

Things like exercise and caffeine can “boost” your metabolism for a short period of time but once this becomes a habit the body adjusts and the “boost” tails off.