Man oh man.

I had some realllly funny digestive issues for a few months on the product (stuck it out because I heard my body was just adjusting.) Started adding a generic equvalent to Metamucil in my shaker with each meal and the difference is ASTOUNDING. No more upsets ever since!

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I think this is the same stuff as Psyllium?
I tried the loose powder version a few times and it made the shaker a lot harder to clean than the quick rinse I was used to.
Using caps right now, more expensive than powder of course but a lot less hassle with the shaker.

Which Huel product did you eat when you had digestive issues? For a short period I added Psyllium to my diet and my digestion was working alot better. Then I tried removing all gluten from my diet and found that I didn´t need the Psyllium at all. So, the real reason is I´m gluten intolerant. Maybe try the glutenfree Huel and see what your digestion says?

Just as an FYI, “Regular Huel” shouldn’t have any Gluten in it, it’s just that only the “Gluten Free Huel” is the only version that is specifically tested and guaranteed Gluten Free.

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I’ve just started using the capsules as well, here’s hoping that it helps with my IBS!
Added to that is the fact that I should be increasing my Huel intake from 1 meal a day up to 2 or more, mostly due to financial reasons.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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