Mince pie

Well… I have tried the new mince pie flavour. When I opened the packet it smelled EXACTLY of mince pies… I made a shake using 2 scoops and hefty teaspoon of the flavour but tasted watered down and I hadnt put too much water in the schake just my normal amount as I like it thick…

It is not too bad but the taste could match the smell better…

K xx


For some reason the sickliness of mince pies puts me off trying this flavour. Don’t get me wrong I love a mince pie with a bit of soya cream, Xmas pudding even more so, but as Huel flavourings? Pumpkin pie might be more my thing.

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there was a video about adding pumpkin pie spices to Huel…it was quite nice; I made it about a dozen times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWnd3LIPtP4
Of course, that isn’t the same as using a premix version.

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With you on this: on first try the mince pie smell is perfect, the flavour a bit less so. I tried initially with three scoops of vanilla and found it a bit sweet, but will see how it goes with U/U next.

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Yep, I now make that pumpkin spice recipe in bulk! It’s very good. Of course since it’s cinnamon-heavy, if you drink this one regularly you need to make sure you’re having it with “true” cinnamon though.

[Huel’s Pumpkin Spice recipe in bulk: 18tsp cinnamon, 4tsp ginger, 4tsp nutmeg, 3tsp allspice and 3tsp cloves will nicely fill a 200ml spice tin. 2tsp per use will do you for 16 meals.]

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I’ve been having it with the vanilla Huel (3 scoops, 500ml of water). Unlike the other flavour boosts you don’t really get the full taste with half a teaspoon, but with a full one it’s really good!