Mineral water instead of tap water?

Has anyone gone as far as doing this? I live in an area with decent tap water, but not everyone does I was wondering if anyone has tried it, my dad used to drive the 30 miles to Buxton to fill up about a hundred litres of tanks at the spring so it wouldn’t nessasary be expensive for some…

There is nothing wrong with your tap water in any part of the UK. At all.


Except when there is. Cryptosporidiosis is no fun.

But generally you should be fine. No water supply is probably bad, but maybe some are arguably relatively better and it’s up to you how to judge this and if you wish to pay the added costs for negligible benefit. There are all manner of filtration systems for you to consider as well.

On a related note, i’ve added carbonated mineral water and it can make Huel more filling but can taste disgusting.

A year ago, 300,000 had a parasite in their water supply in Lancashire:

I did it for my first month on huel, it was not at all financially and logistically viable for me.
I use a britta water filter now.

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But, thinking about this from a chlorine perspective, there’s far far less nasty things in tap water which is measured by professionals than taking 100 litre barrels to fill from a spring in the ground.

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I just use tap water, though I noticed that the water where I live (North) tastes nicer than the water where my family are (Midlands) when I visit. Not sure what would cause that though.

I can’t stand tap water. I have a bottled water machine at home and all my Huel made with water goes through that. Same again at work. Tap water just doesn’t taste the same as bottled spring or mineral water.

I didn’t mean to suggest there was but I’ve lived in some parts of the UK with awful tasting water that I’ve had to ring them up to sort out. But in other countries.

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My tap water tastes bloody awful so I filter or I use Lidl / Aldi spring water (other supermarkets and spring waters are available) but for 19p (I think) for 2L it’s not a bad price or a bad taste.

Most of the time. I remember this:

That’s shocking to say the least. Just disguise the taste with juice!

This really is becoming mumsnet. It totally 100% is.

People scared of fluoride, scared of folic acid, scared of salt, full of anti-vaxxer poisons now people being scared of their own tap water.

I really don’t understand how some people here actually function on a daily basis without diazepam.


A strange, irrational response to a comment that actually agreed with you “Most of the time” but also provided documented proof that things don’t always work out that way all of the time with a link to the worst water poisoning incident in British history, which, eventually resulted in an “Unreserved government apology” and compensation for people affected. I remember this incident well. It was all over the news in this part of the world for years afterwards and still returns from time to time.

Tap water in the UK, is indeed usually absolutely fine to drink “most of the time”, and this link was provided in order to explain just one relatively recent reason why many people might choose to use water filters/bottle water and the like. Personally I hate the taste of chlorinated tap water - It makes tea/coffee taste horrible. IMO you CANNOT make a decent cup of coffee with chlorinated tap water without getting rid of the chlorine. Why the personal slurs? It really doesn’t help.


Leave a pint of tap water alone for a couple of days and leave 100 litres of “fresh spring water” out after that sixty mile round trip without chlorine out for a couple of days and see which one has gone green.

Also, bottled water does indeed have chlorine in it, otherwise the bacteria and germs in it grow and it turns green.

It’s a worry that people are filling up tanks with 100 litres of water from basically a hole in the ground and giving it to their families to drink as that’s a really great way to poison people. If you’ve ever drunk fresh water regularly while trekking you’ll understand why people have millbank bags AND water purification tablets with them.


We have a filtered hot/cold tap at work and a non filtered one. I didn’t think there was any real difference until the filter broke down. The tap water in comparison tasted very chlorinated and was pretty difficult to drink.

Apparently the filtered tap at work cost £20,000 to buy and install so nope, not going to get one at home.

Blluurrggg, thanks for trying it out & giving an update; thought you were gonna say it was fab, fizzy Huel! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I’m not scared of nowt me man - but me tap water still taste’s crap…:grin::poop:

@JJMC But you live up north so you should be hardened to deal with anything life throws at you :wink:

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Absolutely, I don’t wear a coat or owt like that when I go to the Toon (and I am a true Geordie but now living in Northumberland).

Me water’s still naff tasty but I’ve lovely pearlers.