Tap water with Huel?

Hey all,

I have been using Huel for 2 months now and am loving it so far!

I’ve been using my Huel with tap water (am in London and it’s supposed to be drinkable) and am curious whether others do the same or if some of you are using bottled water.

Before Huel, I used to maybe drink one glass of tap water per day but now I’m often consuming 1-2 litres per day instead, which is why I’m curious of whether water quality matters.

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I’ve used tap water, semi-skimmed milk and am currently trying almond & coconut milk.

Nothing wrong with good old fashioned tap water.

I’m on 100% tap water with 100% Huel.

After growing up drinking fresh well water, I found the taste of treated water very off-putting. I’ve used a water distiller for years. It does 4.5 litres at a time. The chemically smelling gunk left inside from just one batch when it’s done is absolutely disgusting - I’d prefer that’s not inside me every few days.

I use filtered tap water, it works for me and super cheap

The water quality around our area is a bit iffy, Julian. Unfiltered water ruined coffee, I found. Nor would my grandchildren drink our tap water. (They have fine taste!) So I now use filtered water for Huel, coffee and grandchildren. Tastes fine.

I have cayenne pepper on all my food so I burnt those taste buds away a long time ago :wink:

I also live in London and I drink lots of unfiltered tap water and use it for huel without issues.