pH of huel

Just wondering if anyone on here by any chance knows what the pH of huel black/white & RTD is?
(ps. I only ever make with water)

Why is that useful?
(not trying to start something, I’m just interested)

I’ve being dealing with reflux & acid issues for about 3/4 months, never had before in my life, I’m not overweight if anything slightly underweight & it’s become exceptionally hard to pinpoint any triggers, I’ve already given up coffee & anything sweet, have smaller meals, yet it persists, doc’s just want to give me PPI’s but only being 34 I don’t want to rely on medication for this so was looking into certain diets & saw acid watcher diet which a lot of ppl with gerd etc recommend & basically it advises to try eat whole foods with a pH of 5 and above, now I love my huel, only really have it for work though but when i was looking at all the different pH of foods we eat it just made me curious as to what it potentially was :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure if they ever tested that, but to check your own foods and drinks at home – you can buy litmus test kits with measuring charts and dozens of strips on amazon for a couple of quid.

In the UK water regulations state that tap water pH should be between 6.5 and 9.5 so if you want to test what you are actually drinking (powder shake) you would need to test it yourself with a litmus paper.

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good point - well presented :slight_smile: