How Huel is helping me go Raw Vegan and Alkaline

I thought people here might find this interesting, and it be useful feedback for the Huel team. I wonder if anyone has the same goals as me?

I have wanted to go raw vegan for a while. If you go on the raw vegan forums and facebook groups, every few days someone posts to say “all the warts on my left arm fell off last week, now all the warts on my right arm are falling off”, or “one of my fillings fell out and the dentist says he’s never seen a tooth grow back like this”, or “I’ve gone back to using my old, weaker glasses”. There are also loads of before and after pictures of people who lost weight. With each one, there are people replying confirming that this just happens after a year or two raw vegan.

So raw vegan is my goal, and something that goes with that is Alkalising. I have started measuring the pH of my morning urine and it’s 6.75. Google says “Depending on the person’s acid-base status, the pH of urine may range from 4.5 to 8.” So I guess the goal is 8.

Huel is helping me do this because it’s more alkaline than the meat I was eating before. I am gradually adding more green powder to my Huel. There are several raw green meal replacement powders that are way too alkaline for me if I base my diet around those - I get a detox reaction. So I am phasing them in just by altering the ratio of my smoothies - usually for about 4/5 of my meals. I’m including fruit, and a regular meal every other day.




Glad you’re getting on well with Huel.

Why is the pH of what you consume important to you? What ‘detox reaction’ do you get if this is wrong?

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If there are 3 easy indicators of underlying pre-symptomatic health, it’s these:

  1. How you feel. I think people should listen more to this one than they do, we just don’t have time I guess.

  2. Appetite.

  3. The pH of your body.

While Mainstream Medicine says pH can vary between 4.5 and 8, any good alternative practitioner knows that acidity is a sign of disease. Parasites, cancer, digestive problems, etc.

When you suddenly alkalise, the chemical reaction results in a dumping of toxins. Toxins tend to travel towards the most acidic part of the body - if that’s the brain, you’re in trouble.

It’s a pretty big subject, tbh, and I couldn’t really point to one source of info other than that it’s well known that cancer patients are always acidic. Other than that it’s what I’ve learned from many sources.

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Thanks - what are the detox reactions though? How do you know you’re having one?

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Detox reactions could be headaches, lethargy, basically any symptom of poisoning.

Good that Huel is helping you not get these symptoms.

Hmm, I dont know, seems like quite the esoteric bullshit to me. Why should „Mainstream Medicine“ be wrong? Whats wrong about empirical method? I am sure mainstream medicine has more evidence behind it than some raw vegan forum on the internet where people are backing up each others anectodical evidence.


Great post, I have tried raw vegan in the form of juices and smoothies, wasnt very good at creating any recipes :smile: Just had my first delivery of Huel today so will have my first drink tomorrow. Are you looking at calories too? Just wondered when you add your green powders if you then add a bit less Huel? I need to lose weight too so will have to watch the calories.

Mainstream medicine is based on research studies paid for by pharma companies, in pharma company labs (or Universities sponsored by pharma companies), and then peer-reviewed by medical journals whose board members work for pharma companies.

The result is that you can’t shouldn’t trust peer reviewed studies over your own empirical data.

I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, merely that no scientist is going to contradict the company line when their livelihood depends on it.

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But is there now huge bias in empirical evidence? People perceive what they want to perceive.

You’re like the hipster of food then?

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The thing with peer review is that if it was wrong other universities/companies would just review it and demonstrate that it is wrong. The authors would lose all credibility and lose funding and the journals who published it as well. This does happen from time to time with a notable example in stem cell cloning in South Korea. The researcher was found guilty of embezzlement and bioethical violations and was sentenced to a two years suspended prison sentence and lost all credibility as a scientist.

Ironically, you’re actually using empirical evidence to demonstrate the point you’re trying to make about peer reviewed studies!

While I dare say some studies may have financial bias, this would be minimised by the study design; eg using independant cohorts, double blind, etc.

Have you read any books on nutritional epidemiology to get a good understanding of what’s involved?


I have always taken the broscience route with my diet. Meat, rice and Whey. It worked. I took in 300g of protein a day and went from 11.5st to 15 stone over about 5yrs.

Some of my friends are vegetarians with no knowledge of Macros and body composition. Everywhere I look I see irritating articles that say kale has more protein that chicken. As a percentage this may be true…but how much kale or broccoli do you have to eat to get 30g of protein? It’s a stupid argument. Nobody eats a bucket of kale. The other argument I get from my veggie friends is ‘you don’t need more than 70g of protein a day’. Yes you do if you don’t want to be a skinny fatty. They just don’t understand how Macros affect body composition. Veggies think they are nutrition gurus.

That said… I’m with them on ethics. Horrified by Chinese people eating golden retrievers? Dolphins? Whales? Against Halal slaughter? But normal slaughter is okay? Well to be honest… This weighs on my conscience. I’m a bit of a hippocrite. I don’t like cruelty. I don’t like being a hippocrite. I said if I can drop meat but still take in 200g+ of protein a day without meat, Soy or milk… I may change. Huel is taking me a good 30 to 50% toward this goal. I can’t be vegan. I can be vegetarian/pescatarian (eats fish ) and eggs). It’s a hell of an improvement. The impact meat eating has on the planet is huge. Not to mention the alleged toxicity of processed meat.

I’m with you on the alkaline diet too. Meaning I’m well read, not that I embrace. I’m very open to the science behind that. Baby steps though. So yes I would like to work my way to meat free and possibly alkaline… But I don’t want to be a social bore in restaurants, hence why I’ll always eat fish cos there’s always a good choice of fish in most restaurants. And I’m talking once or twice a month.

Excuse the ramble… But I’m with you…kind of.