Masking the Bitterness

I love the concept of Huel, but I’m currently struggling with the bitter aftertaste. It tastes fine at first, but after I swallow the bitterness is bad enough that I make a face each time. I’m currently drinking Vanilla and tried a few different ratios of water, but although dilution reduces the sweetness it doesn’t seem to reduce the bitterness for me. I also tried adding coffee, frozen berries and the chocolate flavour system, but I can barely taste any of it and the bitterness isn’t masked.

Reading around there are mentions of the bitter perception being a genetic thing that not everyone shares. Has anyone who also notices this found a way of masking it, such as a specific ingredient? Do you think it’s sweetener related, and if so did switching to unsweetened work for you? I’m open to adding a little sugar if needed, but blending it with a pint of ice-cream to make it drinkable would seem to be missing the point.

I have read lots of flavour ideas generally, but I’m searching specifically for anything you have tried which covers the bitter taste well.

I’m not looking to make it super delicious, I just want to be able to get it down! I would appreciate any ideas you have, thank you.

I only notice the bitterness if I drink mine right after making it, which is now a rare occurrence. I generally make up my shakes the night before and put them in the fridge. By morning there’s no hint of bitterness :slight_smile:


Thank you that is fantastic advice! I tried putting some in the fridge last night and the bitterness is gone today, I’m much happier. Thank you for your help.


You’re very welcome - glad it made a difference :slight_smile:

The bitterness doesn’t seem to be related to the sweetener, as I now make mine with a 50/50 mix of the vanilla and unflavoured / unsweetened and get the same effect unless I refrigerate it. I suspect it may be related to the chlorination of the tap water…

Thank you that is very good to know, I won’t buy the unsweetened then as if anything it’s not sweet enough for me! :blush: Currently adding a bit of honey but I will try it plain and refrigerated overnight and see how I get on with that. You have an interesting theory about the water, it sounds quite likely. I might experiment with mineral water and see if it tastes different!

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Thank you for this nugget of advice. After only 2 days, I was ready to throw the towel in as I found the bitterness overwhelming as it lasted long beyond finishing Huel. Now I’ve chilled it, I don’t get the same bitter after taste!

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Weirdly I’m a bit less keen on Huel at home because it doesn’t taste the same with water out of my kitchen tap as it does when I make it using the filtered water from the machine at work. Like both are made with water but there’s a consistent and noticeable difference between the two… perhaps my suggestion is try different mixers? If it is suitable or you nutritionally, try milk (dairy or otherwise) or worst case scenario try bottled water and see if that helps - if so maybe buy a water filter thingy (Britta for example but other products also recommended)

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I quite like tap water at home…with regards to just drinking straight…but i guess it is what i am accustomed to…if I am anywhere else I can never get it to taste as good…i’ve noticed it in tea…but not in Huel…but will be more aware next time…like many others i find huel bitter if i make it and drink it straight off…so 99% of time i refrigerate and no bitterness.

I have seen other people say this but I don’t get it at all. I think it can be quite subjective. I would recommend blending with ice and using a blender. I use a nutri bullet and it works really well. I also recommend the Matcha falvour system. :slight_smile: