Metallic aftertaste

I am new in Huel world. I have a bag of unsweetened/unflavoured Huel and a bag of new Vanilla. This week I tried different mixes, onlu u/u, only v, 50/50. I like 50/50 for the sweetness of it, so I will stick with this mix for now. But I have this strong metallic, bitter-ish aftertaste when I drink Huel (had it with all mixes). I make my Huel the night before and store it in the fridge so I can use it for breakfast and/or lunch. Is there a special trick to get rid of the bitterness? Thanks for advice!
NB I notice I don’t get the aftertaste when I taste some of the powder -like it releases with moist?

Those are the tricks to get rid of the bitterness…I’m out of ideas.

Have you tried other additions to your huel yet? I’ve found making it in a blender & adding coffee, sugar free syrup, fruit, coffee, honey, maple syrup etc all improve the taste greatly as well as leaving it overnight in the fridge as you are already doing.

Many on here are fans of the myprotein flavdrops, haven’t tried them personally but I got loads of ideas from this thread… Hope that helps a bit! How do you flavour your Huel?

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Thanks I will keep trying with (plant) milks now first.

Yeah plant milk or dairy milk is good to round out the taste, I never use any kind of milk as the only liquid in my huel though, find it makes it far too thick, especially with alpro plant milks, they’re the only brand I’ve tried with huel & they make it go quite gloopy, I’d start by adding 100ml of any milk & then top up the rest with water & go from there… Not sure how much you intend to add but thought this was worth mentioning!

It’s worth searching for the “Odd Taste” thread and seeing if the batches you have line up with other reports of their Huel tasting a bit off.

I had a metallic taste when drinking Huel…then foolishly remembered I’d left the spoon in.