Life after the metallic aftertaste

I have been experimenting as much as possible the last couple of days, dividing my 3 scoops breakfasts and lunches in all kind of different 1 scoop batches.
So using milk/mylk instead of water turns out to take away the metallic aftertaste I really couldn’t stand. It disappeared with (almond) milk. So I can’t use Huel in its purest form, but this is OK too. And adding a bit of peanutbutter or a banana/cinnamon makes the difference between ‘OK to drink’ and ‘great to drink’.
I didn’t expext it was possible to twist Huel this much with these ingredients, as adding ingredients with the waterbases mix didn’t work out at all for me.

Next experiment: muffins, by adding milk and egg…


Love it! Keep experimenting and most importantly keep us posted :blush:

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Glad it’s working out for you now! Some people love straight huel (my dad has just started on it & likes it on its own from day 1!) but for a lot of others it needs some tweaking to go from just bearable to something nice that you look forward to.

I’ve got a banana, cocoa powder & grated fresh ginger huel in the fridge for tomorrow, first time trying that combo, I like a strong flavour to mask the huel taste so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve used ginger before with pineapple & it was lovely, adds a deep spicy flavour.

Look forward to hearing more of your experiments! :blush:

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Sounds like a potential winner, let me know how it was :slight_smile:

The muffins aren’t that bad either, they mak a good alternative if I want to carry a nonfluid version of Huel I think. I mixed an egg into 3 scoops of u/u and vanilla, added some milk to make it into a doughy consistency, and baked it in a muffintin. Might add some raisins or chopped dates to it next time.

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Seems that it’s not the flavours of the various Huel types (aside from U/U) people dislike, it’s the instant metallic aftertaste.

I fixed it by taking out the shaker ball before swallowing.


The muffins sound good! Unfortunately the banana choc & ginger huel wasn’t… It wasn’t undrinkable but I won’t make it like that again… I think choc banana & maybe choc ginger separately might be OK, also I used a barely ripe banana & think a more ripe one will be better.

Back to my usual cherry & cacao today!