Minimum Purchase

got it.

important info for people to read .

Of course you’re confortable with it, you already tried it and like it, makes sense buying bulk, but for the rest of us, buying so much doesn’t make any sense, it is also wasteful.

I’m not asking for samples, I could buy one bag, that’s already £25 which is not nothing, most of your returning customers would still buy in bulk or even subscribe for the discount, but for us first timers buying one bag or one box of bars makes more sense. You can remove the free t-shirt and mixer for first timers and allow them instead to buy one bag before committing to all that product that might end in the bin if tastebuds don’t agree.

gosh, so sorry.

if you dont like it spend your nectar points on a sainsburys own brand pizza and enjoy the shit nutrientsin that.

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not being malicious…

tim explained the reasons for the current business model, now ironically your self gain attitude to a cheaper product would probably mean huel not existing in the first place.

consider that my darling.

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You could add some sort of weighting system to allow it. I’ll quote my suggestion from another post:

I see those changes being made in the subscription area and the new samples being added. There’s good work being put in! I see some potential for mix and matching to make its way in. Ultimately it’s your choice whether it gets pushed for. Maybe you’d need a custom extension? Or to re-do your cart/product pages a bit? It’s certainly a challenge but not an impossible one.

The White+Black pouches are good upsells, but the single products are poor upsells. You can’t just buy them outright - they require something else already in the cart. The ideal option would be to have a taster box (one for Bars, another for RTDs) as individual products, rather than selling single products as upsells.

Realistically, many people would end up binning it and cutting their losses. We all know it’s a hassle to return products.

With the weighting system, it would allow at least 2 units of any product, whether that’s pouches, bars, etc. That means you won’t ever send out a single pouch and get to retain your 2 unit minimum.

Here’s my take on the profitability: If you offer customers more variety, it makes them more likely to convert. You’d see gains all across the board. It keeps the entry barrier high (which you want) while providing customers with more potential products to choose from (which we want). Hopefully, I don’t come across rude - I’m only trying to challenge you! I have nothing but admiration for the Huel team.

Both the powder and the bars last for a long time, so you can certainly keep it in storage as emergency food in case of some world-wide pandemic happening. Plus it’s food, you can be creative with it - don’t just throw it away.


the powder can also be used a flour substitute in baking if you didn’t want to drink it - there are many recipes on the forums here.

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Yes you are being malicious, I’m not talking about prices or me being cheap, I’m simply talking about minimum quantity for people who haven’t tried it yet, I don’t understand your defensiveness as if I was attacking you in any way, you like Huel, I get it, I’m not saying it is bad or even expensive, I’m simply talking about quantities, I’m simply asking if it’s possible to buy one bag (which is still a lot) for the first time before going at it full.

Where do they sell the bars? I have the 3 main main supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose) near where I live, none of them have any Huel products, I looked online and only Sainsbury’s sells the ready bottle but no bars, not even Amazon sells any Huel products.

Ocado sell the bars, but they’re kinda snowed under these days so it’ll be a pain to get any that way. I don’t think any actual shops stock them.

no i am not malicious.

i can defend huel if i want. i want huel to continue growing. i am excited by huels development.

do you understand now?

as i said and tim said its the current business model.

question answered.

stop moaning get on with it.

maybe you should be more positive and helpful to the situation and find out the reasons for this and contribute to it actually happening rather than complaining as if there is no reason for it.

Sainsburys only recently started selling bars in store and as you said currently online they are only offering RTD. As David mentioned Ocado offer bars and RTD but appear to still be only serving existing customers.

store locator


thanks for the link

sometimes i dont think what to search for

Our upsell module on the check out page is a direct result of the feedback we have received here from you guys want to try single bars and bottles of RTD. The most recent update to the account area is again a step in this direction. We are absolutely taking into account your guys suggestions and making sure they shift our priorities as more of our Hueligans raise them.


Personally, I’m happy with the current system. I order 16 bags at a time, as I want to maximise the discount I receive, and minimise P&P costs. There’s obviously no such thing as ‘free P&P’, rather the cost is subsumed into selling, general and administrative expenses. If people were able to order a single bag then (a) Huel would make less money on those sales; and (b) the rest of us would pay more. I want to Huel to succeed, so I’m comfortable with Tim’s logic.


i am on a similar wavelength on the issue.

i buy in bulk tooooooo…

it is perfectly priced imo.

everyone loves a bargain but this is how it should be (price wise)

i craftily predict future changes once the company is in profit…

it is exciting

i used to be all about night clubs pubs and drugs but now im a bit older its all about my health.

it suits me, the way it is.

“i am always in the right place at the right time.”

I agree, they should have some extremely high margin sample to make it a win-win for both parties. A two-serving pouch for $10 or something. They offer samples for the flavor boosts, unsure why they don’t do it for their main product. My first go, I ordered the original Huel, vanilla, and threw a bag and a half out because I hated it. But then I tried Huel Black chocolate flavor, and I love it. The vanilla is pretty good with the apple cinnamon flavor boost, tastes like Quaker oatmeal or something.