Mint chocolate flavour + flavour boosts = less healthy?

Hey, 2 quick questions.

  1. The mint chocolate flavour sounds good - but if you were deciding purely on nutritional grounds which flavour to go for, would unflavoured/vanilla be a healthier option? Or is there really no difference?

  2. Likewise with the flavour boosts, is it generally regarded as these being a treat to add, or do they really not impact the nutrient quantities you’re getting and general healthiness in any meaningful way?

Probably a very dumb question, but I find it hard to believe that caramel flavouring for example can be equally as good for you as unflavoured. Any thoughts on this would be really helpful, as I actually really like the vanilla and would be happy sticking with it if the sweet-sounding flavour boosts aren’t quite as good for you.


Nutrition-wise they are all identical.
The only difference is that by having pre-mixed flavours eg Vanilla or Berry, you are consuming sucralose and flavourings. Some people believe these are ‘unhealthy’, but the science doesn’t seem to back this up. I personally react adversely to chemicals and additives but get on fine with flavoured Huel. If you want to read up on it, the Huel website has some articles on the ingredients including why they chose sucralose and why it doesn’t have the same negative health effects as other sweetners.
The flavour boosts contain Stevia rather than sucralose, so if you prefer natural sweeteners, the UU plus flavour boosts is a better option.

To put simply - they are all healthy. None contain anything bad for you. And the nutrition in all is the same.
So it’s just a matter of personal preference as to whether you want to avoid all sweeteners.
If you do want to stick to UU, it is easily flavoured using instant coffee, cacao powder, fruit etc - search the forum for lots of recipe ideas!

Also, just to clarify: Vanilla isn’t the same as Unflavoured. Unflavoured has no sweetener, Vanilla has sucralose.
If you want to avoid sucralose, then Unflavoured plus flavour boosts is better.
But, if you are getting on fine with Vanilla, then you are obviously not having any adverse reaction to sucralose, so you might as well enjoy the other premixes as well :slightly_smiling_face:
And try the flavour boosts!
The caramel, mocha, cacao, and mint-choc are delicious :yum:


I mix Original with Unflavoured, as do many of us here, which cuts the Sucralose down while still being sweet (enough for me.) As @ChristinaT says, they’re all nutritionally pretty much the same, so the flavours are a matter of personal taste.


Thank you very much both of you, really appreciate the fast responses!

I’ll try some different flavours on my next order. :slight_smile:

Hi John. As @ChristinaT and @Africorn have said, all are equally nutritious. It’s basically down to a matter of personal taste in the end :grinning:


I thought the same as you when I started. It must make more sense to add the flavour to the U/U, so bought some for that exact purpose.

However the flavours are almost designed to go with vanilla to provide the base. You can do them with U/U but you end up adding more flavour to taste it.

So feel free to give it a go, but I’d not get U/U for flavours unless you really don’t like the taste with vanilla+flavour or want to have a really subtle flavour.

I personally prefer UU or original with the flavour boosts, as I really dislike the taste of the vanilla which isn’t disguised by the flavours.
Vanilla plus instant coffee is quite nice though

Vanilla is great on its own but, admittedly, Original flavour works way better with the flavour boosts (especially matcha, yum!)

Some of this with the caramel flavour mixed with vanilla Huel is quite tasty!

Coffee premix with caramel flavour boost is yummy too :yum: