Will UU white with added caramel flavour boost be identical to caramel white?

I think that the last time i tried using a lot of flavour boost powder in a shake, it tasted almost alcoholic. And UU requires a lot of sweeteners to be added in order to reach the same sweetness as the pre-flavoured powders. I have no flavour boosts on me rn to check, so has anyone tried comparing these?

You do need a fair bit of sweetener to bring Unflavoured up to the same level. The Flavour Boosts I believe have been designed on the basis that they are added to Vanilla, which means that you need much more if adding to Unflavoured. The Salted Caramel flavour boost has the same flavour profiles as our preblend though. But the issue with adding lots of Flavour Boost to Unflavoured is that you might get a bit of ‘flavour burn’. You may need to experiment with Flavour Boost + your own preferred sweetener.

This is all presuming that you are purposely choosing to not buy Salted Caramel preblend. To get the best flavour our preblend is the one!

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Thanks for the reply! What is “flavour burn”? Is it the alcoholic taste i have experienced previously?

I know that the best option is to buy preblends, but ended up with 2 bags of UU i need to finish :joy: i used to mix it with vanilla powder 50:50 but got tired of that hassle and decided that i enjoy pure vanilla more so now i am trying to find a way to sweeten UU enough for it to get similar taste/sweetness without wasting vanilla powder to get through these 2 bags

Flavour burn is like when too much flavour or sweetener is added it tastes super chemically and leaves an aftertaste and bit of a tingle or burn on your tongue.


Cheaper to lick a battery

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