Mix and match

I find this in general with loyalty points / reward schemes, cards or programmes. There seems to be one now for everywhere and I just can’t be bothered with it. Great if you have the spare time but I’d rather just buy my stuff at the right price in the first place and move on.

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I get points from my bank with every credit card purchase I do already, so I either convert those to air miles periodically or get something from their rewards catalogue - its a seamless background thing so I don’t bother with any other kind of rewards program and the Huel subscription discounts are already a kind of loyalty reward in of itself.

I’ve been a customer for around 5 years or so (pretty much since launch) and bought regularly in that time, but I’ve not made a proper purchase since June save for Hot and Savoury when it came out due to curiosity.

It comes down to this: no matter what’s in my basket I just can’t get away from the feeling that I’m not actually ordering what I want to receive and yet I’m still spending more than I’d like to. Every combination feels like a compromise.

My H&S purchase really underscored that; where I had to guess which of two flavours I’d never tried I wanted an extra bag of because there’s a three bag minimum purchase.

The minimums clearly work for Huel but they don’t for me, so my money’s going elsewhere until things change :frowning:


Thanks for al the feedback, it’s important for you to raise this. We read all of it and it’s really valuable.

Hi @Tim_Huel for the mix and match could you not have a box of the bars with a selection of each flavour and to be purchased alongside another flavour you have already tested and like. I do appreciate that the paperwork on the box might be a lot of hassle. I have sampled most bar flavours but probably not the chocolate on it’s own. :blush:

Tristan put my feelings perfectly here - I don’t often feel what I’m adding to my basket is what I actually want. I don’t use Huel every day. I dip into it as and when I need it, so ordering 2 bags (or 3 with the new HS…) feels wasteful.

Put it this way. I just had Huel for lunch from a bag of GF Huel that went OUT of date in January 2019. It’s probably nutritionally useless by now, but at least it doesn’t seem to kill me, lol. If I could order a single bag or even better smaller bags, even if they worked out a little more expensive in the long run, I would have ordered more over the years and Huel would have made more money from me. But instead the strict purchasing options lead me to adding stuff to my basket, looking at the price and then not bothering.

You have a lot more products than when I first started using Huel. It shouldn’t be too crazy an idea to let us mix and match. If I could order a bag of Huel with a bag of HS, that would be a good enough compromise for me.

I really want to love my Huel, but y’all don’t make it easy :sweat_smile:

Blockquote Thanks for al the feedback, it’s important for you to raise this. We read all of it and it’s really valuable.

1 full year after raising this very issue first without anything happening in this direction doesn’t make this very… convincing.

They’ve had a very busy year – launched many new flavours to their core lines, introduced an entirely new product range as well as rapidly expanding that, worked on stepping into new markets, seen unprecedented growth and returned an operating profit, expanded their retail offerings as well as releasing their first full sustainability audit and report – all while working under highly restrictive conditions under the pandemic. All things considered, I would say they have not been idle but not everything can be done in the time frames people want – especially this year.

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Just because people ask for things and the company acknowledges the feedback, doesn’t mean that the company “has” to make changes.

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I’d like to add 1 mixed box of bars to my powder subscription, is this possible? I wouldn’t use 2 boxes before they’re out of date as I only previously used the bars as a stand by item, much preferring the powder and H&S for meals and don’t really snack.

Hey Mark, I’m just checking in with the team. I thought it was possible through the account area but will just double check. Sorry for the delay replying!

Don’t forget “totally screwing up the taste of Original”… :neutral_face:

How can we forget :roll_eyes:


…and moving on?


It’s too early, Bee. Grieving takes time…

Whinging repeatedly is not one of the recognised stages of grief! :joy::joy:


I’ve been buying original exclusively since early 2016 and infact I’ve only started on v3 this week after buying 16 bags of 2.3 last year. Yeah it does taste different, more malty and less artificially sweet than before. But I like it and the choice was this or nothing so I’ll certainly take this.


For me, the flexibility to change the taste of the Huel products yourselves – even H&S – kind of nullifies peoples gripes with taste. Yes, V3 Original is markedly sweeter than before, but it’s still a pleasant enough drink in its own right and easy to tone the sweetness down. Same like when a small band of people were griping that V3 chocolate had ruined their lives even without knowing what chocolate actually tastes like. An easy fix for them to find a chocolate taste they like but no, the world had ended. Times change and products evolve. Huels growth since V3 came along would suggest they made a good decision – so we all have to move along with the times too.

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WIth regard to “mixing and matching” it would be great if you got a bulk discount no matter how many bags of black or regular one orders. Currently you get a lower discount for 5 bags of black and 5 bags of regular compared to 10 bags of the same product.
I would suggest that - at a minimum amount of 2 bags - it is possible to add any powder you want, no matter whether black or regular and no matter what flavour. Just treat the question whether it is black or regular like the question what flavour is added. For every bag one uses you could grant a fixed percentage discount on the rest of the products that are ordered. What I want to ask you is treat all ordered products equally and extend the discount to all the other products that are ordered - the bigger the order the better it is for you, so I think this would justify a different discount policy.

Thanks for the suggestion, there’s definitely a number of different ways such a system could work. As I’ve said before it’s hugely complex and many people want slightly different iterations of a similar idea, so it would hard to keep most happy. However, never say never and thanks for suggestions!