Mixing Pulses into H&S

I decided to try mixing half a can of peas in m h&s last night to bulk it up. Results were good, I’m going to try some kidney beans next time.

I’ll only used canned veg as they involve no cooking, just open a can, drain, rinse and add

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Sounds good. I wonder if frozen veg would be as good? Since they don’t take long to rehydrate and you’re adding boiling water anyway. Great to see you bulking up your Huel with some super nutritious foods!

Do you mean adding it into the H&S and allowing the hot water I use for the Huel to heat up/cook/defrost the veg?
Could that work?
Frozen would be much better that tined if it did!
I could add other veg too

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That’s what I was thinking, yes. However I haven’t tried it, just know that frozen peas take 30 seconds to rehydrate in boiling water, so feel like the smaller frozen veg would would. Probably not larger things like frozen broccoli!

Good point about the broccoli.
I’ll try it with the veg. Maybe make it in a large plastic container as I think I’d need some extra water to make sure all the veg and Huel are covered properly (plus the cup is too small for 2 scoops, veg and extra water)

I have started buying the small packs of mixed stir fry veggies, like mange tout and mini corn, or temderstem broccoli, you know those tiny overpriced sad single person pre packs you can buy, quickly stir frying some of it, and adding it in to the Thai green curry H&S. It makes for a nice change, and texture variety. I had thought about adding stuff to other flavours, but apart from a spoonful of pesto to tomato and herb alongside a serving of spaghetti, I haven’t really come up with much yet. Maybe avocado with the Mexican chilli could be good.

I often use frozen mixed veg. You know the ones with chopped mini green beans, chopped carrots, sweet corn and peas? I microwave it for a few minutes while the H&S is standing, then strain and add when it’s done. As an alternative I will microwave a small pot of Veetee rice and add that.

Hi @Wendy_Shepherd good to see you again :wave:

Hi Bee, good to be back! I’m eating so much Huel these days, and can’t even remember why I stopped hanging out here, so I thought I’d drop by and see what’s happening. Good to see a few familiar names and faces!


Yeah absolutely, have you tried just adding them into H&S with your boiling water, instead of microwaving separately? I hate all washing up and don’t have a dishwasher so go out my way to use as little extra crockery as possible.

Agreed :hugs:

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I’ve tried adding frozen veg to my H&S. It didn;t work for me, the chilled produce just made the H&S too cold.
I might try adding frozen veg and just enough water to cover water to my pot and adding the H&S much later…

Hence me microwaving the veg first. Though I suppose the whole lot could be microwaved together. I don’t mind a bit of extra washing up as I use one of the Sistema microwave pots which are really easy to rinse out.

Hmmm so could microwave the veg, then add the H&S to the same container and add extra boiling water as needed? Experimentation with times should yield the optimum results, and only one container used! x

What works for me is is
Add frozen veg to Huel pot
Add hot water so it covers the veg
Cover with lid and wait 10 minutes
Drain the now cold water
Add Huel and water
Stir, cover with lid and wait 10 minutes
Stir and Enjoy

The first splash of water should cook the veg. If it doesn’t drain the water and cook for longer with hot water