More moreish than Pringles?


I can’t handle these. If I open a pack, I can’t stop until they’re all gone. Which is like 10 minutes. Forget Pringles. These are where its at.


On a side note, is @Ian42 really @Africorn?


Edit: If anybody changes my thread title I’m going to slap you about.


Only on Saturday nights


mini cheddars…those guys are the elite!


Cheddars are nice, but they don’t have anything on tuc!


I used to love Jaffa cakes


Jaffa Cakes though :heart_eyes:


Keep the Pringles away from me I love them and can’t stop eating them once I start. Had too many over Christmas and suffering for it . Detox on Huel coming up.


Pringles for me are the worse, I essentially inhale them


For me it’s got to be Huel with caramel boost. :yum:


I have/had a thing for Pringles too. Far too moreish. If I don’t buy them I’m fine :grin:


I just got some caramel flavour boost. I tried a spoonful in UU today but it was a bit weak. Will try with Original tomorrow and put more caramel in :yum:


@Coup and @Kym I used to love Tuc and Mini Cheds :yum: For the same reason as Pringles, I don’t buy them any more.


Twiglet’s tho… I don’t buy them but if I spot them I pounce.


I once had a thing for Wisper Gold chocolate bars. I ate a box of 48 in less than a weekend. I can’t face them now.


Do they still even make them? I don’t eat dairy based chocolate but not seen them around for a while.




They stopped making them for awhile, then due to public demand they reintroduced them. But by that time it was too late for me, the damage was done. I can’t look at a whisper gold now without feeling sick. :nauseated_face:


Noooo I couldn’t