I'm back

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers me. I used to consume Huel daily and I was quite active on this forum.

Had a rough year and have gained a lot of weight… about 15 kg to be precise. I’ve more or less exclusively lived on frozen tv dinners, fast food and various other crap while my binge eating has been in control for a long time. I don’t feel well about myself physically and especially mentally.

So today I decided to try to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Last time I ordered Huel was back when 2.3 banana had just been launched. I ordered two bags of Black Edition Coffee Caramel. I still have about 6 bags of 2.3 at home so I’ll be using those too. I will attempt to replace 100% of my food intake with Huel to break this vicious cycle entirely for a while.

Looking forward to trying this Black Edition. It looks good and I like that it’s lower carb. Will reduce how much carbs I eat daily by having this for breakfast, rest of my shakes will be regular Huel.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


WB Squizzle :slight_smile:

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Thank you mate! :grinning:

Hi @Squizzle Welcome back :grinning: Not been a great year all round has it? Good luck with the weight loss and hope you enjoy Huel Black. I love it and find Coffee Caramel flavour best of the bunch.

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Hi Bee :smiley: Thank you! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, especially the feeling of being in control again and getting the nutrients I need.

I hope banana will be released for the black edition. I love the 2.3 banana.

What do you think of the vanilla and chocolate ones?

I didn’t enjoy the chocolate flavour at all. Vanilla ok but better with a spoonful of coffee or other flavouring.

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I remember ya…

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I trust your judgment. If my memory serves me right I was pretty close to you on what flavors were good and not. I’ll stick to coffee caramel for now then :blush:

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Hey hunzas. I remember you too, the comedian around here :grin:

Good to see some familiar faces :pray::heart:

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I think Coffee Caramel tastes similar to the old Mocha flavour boost

Waves @Squizzle :wave:

Just tried the hot Huel - not too bad for this miserable grey day.

Welcome back.

Good to see you back, but we wish it was under more positive circumstances.

Either way, good luck

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