Muscle gain and fat loss

I want to start loosing body fat % and build muscle
I’ve started working out alot more weight training and have scales that track muscle mass and body fat %

I want to go 100% huel.

Would huel or huel black be good for this?
The fat % in both seem high?


Hey Lewis, welcome back to the forum.

Is there any particular reason you want to go 100%?

Losing body fat and building muscle at the same time is super tricky which is why most people go through shredding (losing body fat) and bulking (building muscle) phases.

Both Huel v3.0 and Black Edition can help you here. Check out our articles to help with fat loss and muscle gain.

Oh and I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the fat % values you get from your scales, they’re really inaccurate and can vary day-to-day on little things like the amount of water you’re drunk.


A few years ago (after I was already using Huel for Breakfast & Lunch), I decided to up my training intensity so did a load of reading into nutrition for athletic performance. I worked out my ideal calories and macros based on all the current research, with the intention of modifying my diet/huel intake to match. Turns out for training days Standard Huel was spot on, (Black was better for rest days).

Over the course of my journey I have simply focused on eating a sensible level of food based on my activity level, and allowed Huel to worry about my macros. The weight loss then just happened naturally.

I set my calorie intake to a sensible level for my size and activity (sedentary job, plus 1 hours of intense activity per day) and stick to it. I weigh myself every day but only pay attention to the monthly trend. If I am loosing or gaining weight when I don’t want/expect to I adjust my intake a little and wait a month and see what happens.