Weight loss with partial huel diet

Hello all!
I have been using huel since 18/ 02 now and am interested to see if there is anything I could be doing to loose weight and gain muscle.
Height: 5’4
My starting weight was 60.3kg with body fat 30.1%
I am 30 and lightly active. I rock climb once a week and have started jogging twice a week just round the block.
I have been using 30g huel and half a banana in for breakfast and 50g huel with the other half banana for lunch. I usually have a healthy snack like vegetables or carrots and hummus and then have dinner as usual.
My weight now is 59.1kg with body fat 25%


To gain muscle/weight you need to be in a calorie surplus, ie eating more than you burn. Combine this with exercise, specifically resistance training to build muscle. It doesn’t mention if you’re male/female but unless your dinner is mammoth I would hazard a guess that at the moment you aren’t eating enough calories to build muscle. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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How are you measuring this? Not seeing a 1kg drop in weight equating with that drastic a change in BFP.

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