100% Huel, taking the plunge!


So I’ve used Huel before in the past, often as a lunch/breakfast replacement. However, after starting studying a degree full time now I am a little older I have noticed my weight increasing gradually over time and have decided its time to take the plunge and do a stint at 100% Huel followed by a gradual re-introduction of dinners and a second meal.

Target: Drop body Fat % below 20%.

Diet (For next 11 days, one cheat meal booked on Saturday eve)
4x 3 scoops of Huel per day: circa 2000Kcal (If required I will allow myself a 5th portion due to the huge calorie deficit from my day to day diet).

Training wise, I play a bit racquet sports but I enjoy strength training in the gym, whilst not completely conducive to weight loss I am going to carry this on:
Mon: Full body

I thought i’d post on here so I have some motivation and also accountability! I will update the training and pictures each day!

Here it goes, stats on day 1IMG_4040 :

Age: 27
Height: 187
Weight 101.1kg
BF% 21.5
Muscle 43.9%
Water: 57.3%
BMI: 28.9