From 66% to 100% Huel


I have been using huel for the almost 2 years. I would normally have 100g for Breakfast and 100g for Lunch plus a fairly unhealthy meal - I don’t eat any veg/fruit…

I dropped from around 115 kg to 108/109 and stayed there no matter what I did. A couple days a go I didnt have much food i the house so decided to just have Huel for dinner. I’m only on my 3rd full day but the weight is dropping off again, which is nice to see!

I am sure this is just the usual initial rapid weight loss you normally get when starting any diet but I am quite happy with my new 100% huel plan.

It also might have something to do with the fact I am 6ft1 and now only consuming 1500 calories per day. I think I will need to increase my in take to 4 shakes a day but for now I am quite enjoying being hungry and then seeing the decreasing numbers on the scales each morning


Tempted to try a 100% Huel experiment myself … but do like a chew of an evening :broccoli:.

If you don’t mind my asking, what are the numbers on ‘weight dropping off’ after three days?


I do miss chewing food but I plan to go back to regular evening meals after our holiday in 6 weeks.

On Sunday morning I weighed 108.8kg. This morning I tipped the scales at 107kg exactly.

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105.8kg this morning :slight_smile: My end of week goal was <106.5kg so over the moon.

Huel is amazing for fussy eaters like me


Make sure you’re drinking enough along with your Huel. The high fibre in Huel will act like a sponge so be sure you’re drinking plenty. With any weight loss plan you want a steady dropping off in weight so that you can maintain it. Check out our useful guide on fat loss here if you’re concerned you may not be consuming enough calories. Keep us posted with how everything is going!


Hi Tim

Thanks for the reminder about water!. I have increased my calories and now have 400g of Huel per day. All mixed up in a blender the night before and stored in fridge - I save so much time and have minimal washing up :slight_smile:

Weight has stayed the same for a few days but I have been hitting the gym quite hard (4 times a week for 75 minutes at a time) so hopefully the plateau is down to muscle growth

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I made my target weight by having lunch and dinner of Huel (most days) and, crucially, bringing in intermittent fasting. So, since may last year, I finish eating by 8pm (latest) and don’t eat again until midday the next day. That 16-hour fast every day gives my body time to rest and to heal.

I’m not massively strict, so if I have company, I’ll have a late dinner, or a breakfast with them. But I’d say I do IF and 1-2 Huel meals a day on maybe 85% of days.

Works for me…

I might give the fasting a try and see how that works for me.

I very nearly caved in yesterday lunch time. I started walking towards Greggs but turned around and went back to the office and had my Huel - it was a tough day haha

Very pleased I didn’t take the easy option as this morning I weighted 105.1kg. So happy with that!

quick update - 104.4kg this morning. That’s a total of 10kg lost now :slight_smile:


Good going, I wouldn’t force yourself to try to lose weight too fast though as you’ll only end up feeling like you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.

A treat once in a while is fine too. I mean, would life be worth living without the occasional pizza? You shouldnt feel bad.


Don;t worry, there is still the occasional treat and pizza is certainly one of them! The odd glass of wine is a nice treat too

104.1kg this morning :slight_smile:

We are off to Thailand on the 6th April which is the reason for me pushing for weight loss as much as I can right now. Once I get back I will have to increase my calorie intake - it’s a bit low right now…

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Well if it’s red wine you can argue it’s medicinal so bring it on :slight_smile: