Is Huel suited to lean out the body?

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I’m a climber and I train/climb 3-4 times a week. I’m 1m90 (6’23") for 68kg (10st 9lb). I’m on a 100% Huel on training days and 75% on non-training. When on 100% I consume 480g of Huel (1920 kcal) and 1 bar (250 kcal).

I’d like to lower my body’s fat % and increase my muscle %, so my question is: “Is Huel suited to lean out the body ?”. Is there anything in Huel that I should not be taking in order to achieve my goal ? Ofc it all depends on my workout too, but I’d like to know nutrition-wise.

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PS: I guess this would be a question that @JamesCollier could answer

Climber here. Same height as you, training the same amount and 73kg average. You’re already barely in the normal weight window for your height, just outside of under weight and must surely be very low body fat… You may benefit from getting a bit heavier, so just upping your intake alone will probably do it.

You could lean out on twinkies and big macs if you really wanted to, it’s all about calories in, calories out and maintaining muscle.
Huel is fine, even ideal for managing caloric intake. Your current intake is basically maintenance, which is ok.

I tend to loosely follow the leangains protocol, which is essentially just eating in an 8 hour window, say from 2-9pm. This fits around training and allows time to have a proper dinner at home. But really, it’s just skipping breakfast and fitting in the calories later on. It’s supposedly meant to help get lean if you’re already working out a lot.
It helped me get down to fighting weight and roughly 10% BF without really doing much else.

Sorry for such a boring answer but as always, the answer is calories in, calories out.
Starving yourself leaves you open to injury or illness. Don’t do that.

Finally, Chris Sharma is shorter and heavier than you, at 6ft, 75kg :slight_smile:

You’ll struggle to gain muscle AND lose bodyfat. One requires a calorie deficit and the other a surplus…

Hi @skirato

Some good advice from @Broscience. Huel can be used to lose body fat, simply eat less than you’re burning. You’re very active, so you should only need to reduce intake a little from what you’re currently consuming to lose weight. Also, if you up your exercise a little more, this will also accelerate gains.

@GTIPuG - this is correct: it the Law of Thermodynamics. However, it is possible over a period of time. This is because you can be in energy deficit and surplus on different days according to exercise and the net result is fat loss and muscle gain.

Oh yeah, no doubt.

All I’m getting at is that someone who is eating say 1700 cals trying to lose body fat can’t be training and getting to the end of the month and wondering “Why aren’t my biceps cannonballs by now?”.

In my experience, significant muscle gain begins around 3000 cals per day with heavy training. Obviously a smaller surplus will give small gains, but if you really want to pile on the mass you have to eat plenty!

You gotta eat big to get big!