My diverticulitis

I nearly forgot a dark period in my life, about eleven years ago. Curious if anyone else here has had a similar journey or not. My experience with diverticulitis.

I had experienced some pain for a few days in my gut, but nothing too horrible. Then one evening I was in the bathroom and I started to feel a fever coming on - quickly. Then searing pain in my side. I thought I was just having trouble in some fashion having a bowel movement. But then I felt myself starting to faint and I quickly got out of the bathroom and told my wife to call n ambulance as something was very wrong. At this point I was curled on the hallway floor scared out of my mind with pain. I ended up in the ER and after several pain medications, found that morphine was the only thing that would satiate the burning in my body. Because of the pain they thought I must have a kidney stone or two. I was prepped and had an MRI. I was admitted. They saw the diverticulitis in the scan and suggested I take antibiotics and hopefully the openings in my large intestine would heal up and close. I thought I was out of the woods.

A few weeks later, I was back in the ER and the pain was just as bad. I was admitted and given antibiotics again - until they told me that I could go home (after a few days) and see if it worked, or have surgery to remove about a foot of inflamed and affected intestine. I opted for the surgery. I ended up with one of those colostomy bags. I was done pooping for about a month. I was only 40 years old. They told me that they were going to try to reverse the colostomy bag. I was depressed about the bag and the whole situation. My stomach looked like Frankenstein with all the staples. It was painful. The surgery to reverse the colostomy was done (thankfully) but the pain afterwards was easily 10x worse for a while. Things have healed up nicely and I was given a good bill of health - and that my large intestine was now basically brand new. I didn’t need to worry about eating popcorn, tomatoes, etc. But I do out of never wanting that to happen again. AND… the purpose of this post… Huel has been perfectly good for me to use. Even with all the extra fiber, and sometimes internal pressure build-ups… things have been golden.


Hi, there! I am interested to read of your experiences with a Colostomy, since I have had a stoma since the end of January 2018 when I had emergency surgery to remove a portion of necrosed and infected bowel. I had had gallstone surgery in 1997 (keyhole) and developed a hernia which grabbed my transverse colon and killed it. I had been referred to the hospital for a hernia repair, but the hernia got to me first! They left my descending colon and rectum, but advised that I’d probably not be able to be reconnected due to the positioning of the amount of bowel removed.
I decided to try Huel to improve my nutritional intake, and currently use unsweetened/unflavoured Black along with a subscription of Coffee Caramel bars.

I tried the Hot and Savoury but the whole linseeds caused difficulties with my stoma. I wish they did a version with ground linseeds, as were it not for that I would have loved the spicy versions.