Well it happened. I’ve been diagnosed with IBD

I did enjoy doing the crazy food challenges all those years ago when I first got into Huel. Being an ex-competitive eater I used to joke it would one day bite me back and here I am with a letter from my hospital showing large long term inflammation of my colon from a CT scan done last month.

I’ve had symptoms on and off for the past few years but was told it was probably IBS until things took a turn for the worst in November 2019 when I was hospitalised for chronic abdominal pain. I’ve been off work since then on sick leave and finally got a gastroenterologist to take a look at my case through the NHS. The only thing now he says is for a colonoscopy to identify what type of IBD I’m dealing with, the likely outcome to be Chrohns. The pain is overwhelming when it flares up. It’s been a wild few months coming to terms with it all to be honest. I will keep this thread updated with the results (if I get distracted and forget, just send a reply and I will respond, promise).
I always feel the most for the people on this forum who have asked questions surrounding their own illness and took for granted the fact that it could happen to me. I want to apologise for being ignorant to just how horrendous it is. I’m sorry for anyone else who has gone through what I’m going through. I’m tackling it positively though and looking forward to starting my new diet plans while I get a full diagnosis in the coming weeks/months!

I have two questions for you huelligans. I remember Huel being a tasty alternative to meals for IBD sufferers. Am I correct in this thinking?

I do have several bags of expired but unopened, sealed Huel (they expired Jan/Feb). Will I be safe to consume or best to chuck and buy new? I read that it can lose some of the nutritional value but I won’t be poisoning myself. Can someone help clarify?

Thanks for all the memories on the forums up to now and looking forward to creating many more in perhaps a less “creative” way than before :wink:

Love all of you,


Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you start to feel better soon. I am sure you will get a reply about your of date bags. I personally would start with new bags as I would not want to take the chance and make things worse. Keep us updated best wishes :heart_eyes:

I’m sorry to hear of the troubles you’ve gone through Polaris.

Huel is a high fibre food, so is often not seen as suitable for people suffering with IBS. However, a number of people who do have IBS have Huel so it’s down to your individual response.

If you are diagnosed with Chrohn’s we recommend that during a flare-up, not to use Huel. However, if you’re in remission, Huel may actually be beneficial due to its fibre content.

Your Huel may be safe to consume as the date on the back of pack is a best before date, rather than a use-by date. However, this depends on the storage conditions and there’s a small risk of spoilage. Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to consume it. If it’s been open for more than 6 months, we definitely recommend you throw it away.

I was diagnosed with IBS, colonoscopy scans and was still bleeding in my colon with That diagnosis and a prescription. To drs that was it. Why was it irritated I asked. Shrug.
So I started a food journal and went for full on allergy testing. I’m allergic to an item that’s in most processed food- anything premade. That’s what was making my bowels irritable. My year of hell was over and I could heal.
I recommend you do same to narrow down what is making your bowels irritated. Write down everything you eat for a month, when the worst flare up are, see if it relates to what you’ve eaten beforehand. Colonoscopy will rule out crohns, I hope it’s not that for you.

I’ve had Crohn’s for 30 years, but fortunately i’m in remission at the moment, so consuming a mixture of Huel Powder, Bars and RTD every day.

I agree that when in relapse, you may not be able to tolerate Huel, but I have tried to persevere with it to get all those nutrients that I won’t get elsewhere (as I don’t feel like eating big meals or cooking!)

Good luck with your treatment.

Check out the Crohn’s and Colitis UK website for lots of helpful info and guidance - there is also an associated closed facebook group that is worth joining

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