Slightly concerned about bowel movement

So I’ve noticed recently that there appears to be an oily film floating in the water after a bowel movement.

My first thought was that my body is simply excreting spent fat (I’m running a calorie deficit) However from what I’ve read online most of what’s left of used up fat is actually exhaled as carbon dioxide.

A further search turned up Steatorrhea which has me slightly worried. Any thoughts on if my diet of 75% Huel could be a factor in this?

I’ve never heard of this before. Probably best to visit your doctor.

I’ve never heard of this in relation to Huel before.

I’ll see a doctor if it lasts. Thanks guys.

Steatorrhea is unlikely to be linked to diet but either some medication or a medical condition. See your doctor

I had some bowel issues as well for a while. Loose, urgent, and a weird almost greenish colour. (I’m not making this sound good, lol.) Didn’t last for long, though, and since then my movements have been better than they’ve ever been. (I used to be prone to constipation.)

How long have you been using Huel? Have you ever had trouble like this before? (Sorry, I am being nosy. Tell me to bog off if it’s none of your business.) I was just wondering if bowel issues occured more when you started Huel, or if it’s something to look out for after prolonged consumption.

Steatorrhoea anyways prompts testing of gallbladder and pancreas. Stool enzyme test and an ultrasound of your abdo would be wise if this is ongoing, plus or minus any other symptoms. Don’t drive yourself crazy by googling possible conditions!

  • source: I’m a senior paramedic, and I regularly refer patients for these tests with the symptoms you noted.

Thanks for the concern, this appears to have cleared up now :slight_smile:

Mgran, never noticed anything like this before. Had been on Huel for about six weeks when I noticed.