My fat loss journey with Huel

Hello everyone!
As many people here, I’m trying to lose some fat, and although I’m not new to Huel (been using it on/off for the past year), this time I’ll be using it on 4 of my 5 meals a day I normally have.

So! numbers! (we love numbers!)
I’m 35 years old, height is 176cm and current weight is 70.3kg.
I lost 9kg weight 2 years ago, and since then I stayed in 72kg for a long time, managed to get to 68kg and stayed between that at 69kg. Then, Christmas happened (and post christmas, and I really enjoyed it) and now I’m back to the gym and willing to lose some fat.

Now, my weight scale gives me a number for my fat percentage which, I’m sure, is not as accurate as it could be if I measured with other methods, but it’s a reference.
Currently it says 29.1%.

I’m a web developer, so I spend about 7 hours sitting down. I move a bit every hour and walk about 30 min to and back from the gym almost every day.

I go to the gym 3 times a week, where I do free weights mainly, for about 45 min. Sometimes i do yoga/pilates on the other 2 days, but not every week.

I play/train volleyball about 4 times a week (sometimes even 6 times) (normally sessions of 2 hours or so, average of medium intensity).

According to various calculators and taking as a reference, my BMR is about 1467 cals and my TDEE is about 2090 cals.

Now, my idea was trying to lose 0.5kg every week, which I think should be achievable. I’m not in a rush obviously, I just want to do things in the best way possible.

According again to that calculator, my intake should be of 1539 cals approx.

What I want to do is commit for 2 weeks, do it properly everyday and, according to the result, adjust then the intake, as those numbers might not be right. I’m quite impatient and if it was for me I would weight myself everyday. I don’t want to do that (as I’ve been there before and it’s just too much) so next check should be in 2 weeks.

My aim is 65kg, but is just a reference, as well as the fat percentage change but, mostly, my body changes and volume will be my check

Daily menu would be: Huel bar for breakfast, Huel plus a bit of fruit in it for morning snack, some chicken/turkey/ + vegetables for lunch, Huel bar as snack and Huel plus some stock for dinner.

I started yesterday so, today is day 2! :slight_smile:


I could be wrong but I think your TDEE looks low. I would say it would be nearer 2400-2500 for the amount of activity you do?

That’s what I thought too!! But, when I was eating 1700 calories I was maintaining my weight in 68.5. I think I’m just going to be very consistent this 2 weeks and then, as I say, adjust. I’ve never been very good at consistency (I stopped tracking food for a while, so maybe I was eating more) so that’s my challenge for the next few days!

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Hey, I just ordered my first huel so completely new to this!
I’m a Web Developer too so just as you I pretty much sit all day!
I’ve tried things like my fitness pal but just haven’t got the patience to weigh ever bit of food in a meal and calculate the calories so hopefully Huel will make that easier. Anyway just wanted to say hi:)

Just here to give an update!

Up until now and since early 2015, the measurements I’ve taken have been using the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50

Yesterday I received the Tanita BC601 I ordered last week, as I was curious about other measurements such as visceral fat, for example.

I used it last night and the weight was 68.7kg and the body fat was, to my surprise, approx 26%. I used then the Withings and I got 69kg and 26.4%

Apparently, and I didn’t know this, if you weight yourself in the morning, when you are more dehydrated, you body fat is higher, but at night, as you’ve been hydrating yourself during the day, the fat percentage is lower.

I won’t be using the Withings anymore and, on the weighting day, I’ll do it early morning and before going to bed, out of curiosity.

So, values this morning: current weight was 68.6kg and fat percentage was, approx 28.4%

Also, as @ElectroDan suspected and suggested, I think I needed more calories than 1539.

So, in 2 weeks there’s 4 days of days when I exceeded my cals (average of 2200 for those days) and the rest of the days I’ve eaten about 1700 calories average, simply because I was really hungry.

As a curiosity, my average calorie burning, according to my Fitbit Charge 2 is of , an average of 2700 cals (everyday a minimum of 2500, and some days 3200).

So, I’m guessing that’ll be the number from now on.
With the Tanita I get a Daily Caloric Intake of approx 2400 cals. But it might be higher that it should, given this past 2 weeks experience.