My first experiences

Got my initial order of two vanilla bags yesterday. Crikey these things are bigger than I thought they’d be. I’ve never used powdered food before.

Made up 500ml + 3 scoops of Huel in the shaker. Very easy. Poured a third into a glass… initial taste impression… bit weird :slight_smile: tastes very sweet to me, sweeter than I’d really like (but I don’t really eat sweet things in general, so maybe my taste is different to others), and that particular kind of uncanny-valley sweetness that I think I get from sucralose. Texture’s OK, but I understand what a couple of other people said about it feeling ‘chalky’ in the mouth.

Put the rest in the fridge to see if I’d prefer it cold. After a few hours it’s a little better but not drastically different to room temperature. I might try again with ice cubes to see if making it really cold makes a difference. I did also notice in my glass that it formed a ‘layer’ of little circles (seeds or something?) on the top, and that the stuff underneath that layer was a bit nicer + easier to drink. Added a bit of Nesquik powder to it which helped a bit.

This morning I’ve tried making porridge from it (400ml water, a bit of high-starch flour as I don’t have cornflour, and three scoops) - it’s definitely a more familiar experience. The taste is still too sweet, but I’m going to try adding a bit of salt to see if that balances it out, or maybe some fruit (freeze-dried raspberry shards might work well, or failing that I’ll just grab a banana).

I’m very curious to know how much of the sweetness is from the vanilla flavouring, and how much is inherent in the rest of the ingredients. Oats can break down into sugars from the enzymes in your mouth, like chewing a piece of white bread for too long, right?

The sweetness almost purely comes from the vanilla flavour. If you buy the ‘unsweetened’ Huel you’ll notice that there isn’t any sort of sweetness at all.

I mix 1.5 scoops vanilla and 1.5 scoops unsweetened and it’s much better than pure vanilla.

Thanks - I wondered if it was the vanilla or the stevia - either way, I’ll order the unsweetened next time and try your method of mixing with the vanilla.