Nasty bean skins


I normally buy the Vanilla flavor (new version), but this time I decided to try the strawberry flavor as well.

The thing is (and never happened before), even though I used a blender to prepare it (as
I always do), I felt a lump in my mouth, and it was basically a big skin (around 1 cm long). I guess it’s some bit of the ingredients that was not ground properly and also “escaped” the filter.

It was quite disgusting to feel that long skin in my mouth, almost threw up. Now I wonder how many more “surprises” await and don’t feel like eating that anymore. I don’t mind that much the lumps made of powder, but skins… that’s a different thing, much more repulsive.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Nope, but once bit into a Ginsters sausage roll and encountered 2cm of blue plastic.

I built a bridge, got over it, took the plastic out of my mouth and carried on. :smiley:


This sounds very odd. Are you sure it wasn’t already in the blender?


Can you provide a picture?

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Once, in a restaurant, I was eating ravioli and found a little metal ring (like, from a chain) in the stuffing of one. That was an experience. :smiley:

Anyway, against Huel lumps there’s the grid. A 1 cm anything should be stopped by it. :slight_smile:


I’d buy a better blender. If it can’t cope with a bit of skin it must be rubbish.

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