National Vegan Day!

Ok so no one is pushing others into being vegans, the real nudge is to push people to more regularly eating a plant based diet.

However, national Vegan Day is a brilliant opportunity to look at the things we eat and see where there might be a plant based alternative.

This year will especially hurt me because as some regular readers may be aware, I have a steak on Saturdays - partly in honour of my late father - but mainly because I love a steak.

So my plan is a quorn chili for my evening meal but everything else will be Huel.



All is not lost. Praise Seitan for National Vegan Day is actually tomorrow, Sunday.

It is strange that it is the same day as Halloween…does that mean something?

It’s not. It’s the 1st of November.

This is good.

I’m almost 2 years vegan now. Was veg for many years before learning the error of my ways. Feels good!

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@ balfour: What do you consider to be “the error of my ways”?

That’s it, you aren’t going to win over anyone by telling them to be vegan. But reduction, aiming for at least one but ideally two plant-based/vegan suitable meals a day would have a massive impact - and to be fair most are probably having one veggie meal a day anyway.

Dairy products.

Why do you consider this to be an “error”? Due to health or ethical reasons?