Need advice from Crossfitters on Huel!

Hey all! I know a number of you are Crossfitters so I’m looking for some advice that’s only somewhat related to Huel. I figured I’d ask here, because we can get past the “well you’re a vegan doing crossfit and can’t do it right” advice I’d probably get elsewhere.

I started Huel before doing Crossfit for the first time two weeks ago, transitioned into 100% pretty quickly because I was already eating a healthy vegan diet. Transition was smooth, no digestive problems or any other problems at all.

I’m on 1250 cal (8 scoops) of Huel a day, as I’m trying to both lose weight and tone up. I’m a female, I weigh 68kg, and am 178cm tall. Goal weight would be somewhere around 63kg normally when I’m not putting on muscle, so I’m using that as a target, but am flexible since I know I’m beginning to put on muscle and that number might not be indicative of the results I want (it may be too low).

The first beginner WOD I did wasn’t bad, but I’ve been 3 times since then and every time I’ve gone since I’ve gotten a migraine with aura after the WOD. The aura starts about half hour after I’m home, and I usually have a nasty migraine on and off (depending on how soon I can take excedrine) for the rest of the day. This last time (earlier today) I also got the bad exertion headache toward the end of the WOD and for a few minutes after. Pain went way within a few minutes, but now am getting the same aura with migraine.

Have any of you ever experienced this? I’m wondering if it has to do with calorie intake, or if I’m just going at it too hard? I really don’t want it to be the latter, since once of the reasons I love Crossfit is because I’m encouraged to go hard and fee awesome doing it. Since the first time it’s happened, I drink 1.5 L in the 2 hours before going to the box to make sure I’m hydrated, but no change. Any advice?

Are you a clencher? I had some bad headaches after WODs when I first started Crossfit several years ago. I was clenching my jaw particularly on WODs with Olly lifts and burpees. Also water intake is crucial as you don’t realise how hard you are actually working and consequently drying out. If you are a clencher actively try and loosen your jaw during the WOD but you can also open your mouth and press at the back behind your molars - you will find the spot as it will sting like a mofo when you press then slowly release - you only need to press for 10 -15 secs. Also clenching leads to neck and shoulders being tighter. Good luck with everything.

Hm, that actually might be why. My neck and shoulders have been feeling really tight, I constantly have to remind myself to relax my shoulder every few minutes through the day. I did 60 burpees in today’s WOD, so that makes sense. Thanks for the tips! This hippie will show you how. I do this just before I go in to the box or start exercising. Don’t do it with your headphones in by mistake though as it feels uber weird.

Super helpful, thank you so much!