Need order cancelled before dispatch

Order no 1089210 I received a payment notification from my card saying 30 mins Huel has recharged my card. I have had a bad reaction with Huel and I cancelled my subscription a few days after trying it seem the site didn’t register it.

I need this order cancelled before dispatch. I no longer live at the same address and also do not want the product. All telephone numbers do not work.

This is really frustrating that I can’t just cancel.

Please is there anyone that can help??

I’m so done with subscription services

I’m sorry for the trouble caused. Our Customer Experience team can’t see any action to cancel a few days ago but they can this morning. Unfortunately this did not work because the order had processed.

We can’t cancel your order but if you ask the person at your old address to refuse your order once it has been returned we can issue a refund for you.

Our phone lines are open 9am-5pm and we also have a live chat function if you want some more rapid help.