New flavours

Love the sweet taste on RTD but any chance on some savory ones in future?
Would love some of these: mushroom or mashed potato, curry, some other spicy food options.
Or some sweet ones like banana or apple?
Let me know what flavour u guys would like? I’m curios! :slight_smile:
Or plain RTD so we can add flavour we want?
And yea I know I can use the powder and not the RTD but since I started drinking the bottles I can seem to keep the powder down anymore :frowning:

Best wishes to all u! :slight_smile:

eew mashed potato rtd?


I think Feed has a mushroom flavour version.

For me: Cacao, Curry and Spanish paprika are my regular unofficial flavours. But I prefer just U/U

Is that mash with cheese, butter, cream, milk, cabbage, chives? You pick a non-descript flavour like a standard floury potato then you’re going to upset all those folks who don’t know how to describe what chocolate taste like :smile:


Savoury RTD: tomato, pea (and mint).
Sweet RTD: coconut, fudge, toffee, banoffee, banana, marzipan.


banoffee and tomato are speaking volumes to me

I’m not really a fan of cold soup, and that’s what these would remind me of.

I could get behind all of these tho. I like marzipan too, but not sure if I’d be able to drink a 400ml bottle of it. I\d prefer it in a bar…I guess a bit like the Nakd bar bakewell tart flavour.