New header navigation on - ok?

Hi Huelers,

We have just tweaked the header navigation on and would like your feedback please.

There was limited space but I wanted to highlight some useful pages which are currently in the footer, which is a long way down the page. So we added a “More” link, rollover this and you will see the following links:

  • How to use
  • Guide & articles
  • FAQs
  • Delivery questions
  • Contact us
  • Customer testimonials
  • Video reviews
  • Site map (a little old school but doesn’t include all the pages)

Any feedback?

Thank you,



It looks good. I noticed it just when I visited today.

I was going to make a suggestion about how the menu could be improved further, but then i had a rethink. I think it’s great as it is now.

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Thank you @Marcus