Navigation feels weird

Whenever I want to change my subscription I find myself switching between the website on desktop and mobile simply because I’m having trouble changing it.

For some reason I find the navigation a bit hard. It does not feel natural and it takes a lot of clicking and searching from my part. I think that is because the frequency of delivery and the quantity is not on the same page and there is no obvious singular subscription flow.

Maybe you could do a User Experience test on that part of the website?

Or am I the only one having these issues?

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Hey there, thanks so much for this feedback. Are you talking specifically about the subscription management section? Or the process of purchasing too?

We totally agree that the subscription management can be clunky at times and you aren’t the only person to raise this. We use a 3rd party for this and we have very limited capability to change a lot of it, essentially our hands are tied for the time being. Our development team is expanding with some more awesome people, so I’m certain it’s being looked at more. The ideal solution is to build our own subscription program - clearly this takes time.

For the time being, if you have any issues or specific things you want to amend please contact and we will sort it out or advise you as soon as possible. You can also make requests here but they might just be missed (sorry).

Hey @Tim_Huel,

Thank you for the reply!
I was talking about the subscription management only. I had no trouble in the process of purchasing.

Is the 3rd party open source by any chance? If it is, an issue or pull-request can be created.

Or even better, if you have very limited capability yourselves but still want your own subscription programm, ask the community. I’ve seen an unofficial Huel app been made here so there are developers in the community. Sounds like a great competition to me :slight_smile: