Website Feedback

Please get this to the appropriate folks at Huel HQ, thought you might want some free UX feedback.

Using safari on iPhone 7, UK site

Use Case 1, Finding subscription options
Logging into site and finding “my account” was easy but one very small point for the my account page: it shows an order history at the top of the page, and at first I mistook this page for order history so dismissed it without scrolling. Even so, as my order history grows longer it’s a pain to have to scroll through to get to my subscriptions etc. I would prefer to see subscription options at the top and order history underneath.

Use case 2, managing delivery frequency
All fine.

Use case 3, managing delivery flavours
Unfortunately managing delivery flavours is difficult on my device as the user form is pushed to the right by the image (of Huel bottle, scoop, and pouch), and even with landscape orientation of my screen the fields are partially pushed off the right edge of the screen. I still got it to work, but then when I hit submit there was no page refresh or otherwise any indication my response had been submitted so I had to refresh it myself to convince myself the change had been made successfully.

All very minor UI stuff, keep up the good work!

I’m going to add in some feeeback: I think there is no way to change the password on the Huel website. I wanted to change my password for security reasons but couldn’t find any button on my dashboard.

If you need to change your password, I reckon you need to click on “forgot my password” when you go to log in page…it will then ask you to put in your email address and then send a link to that address to choose a new one.


The ‘Nutrition’ tab mainly relates to the powder which I think needs to be made a bit more explicit. It may be confusing to the new users who are not buying powder and buy other food products (bars/granola). I know there are links to the other products but I guess the design could be a little better on this page.

On this subject, does anyone know how to add a flavour pack to a subscription on mobile? The “Add to my subscription” isn’t apparent on my device. Using S8+.