Huel Online Shop Navigation Needs Improving

If you click “Buy” on the Huel website, you get taken to a page where the only product to buy is Huel itself. To buy any of the other products (flavour packs, shakers, T-shirt…), you have to click the basket icon, be told that there is currently nothing in your basket, then click the “Continue Shopping” link which takes you to

This is a rather clumsy website navigation. Someone new to the site would not know that the other products are available. I think it would be much better to have a “Shop” link which goes directly to But if you do that, make sure you put the main product (Huel) at the top, rather than down the bottom.


I do understand your issue. Alternatively you can go to home, scrolled to the bottom and see all the products.

98%+ of customers buy Huel so we send them to the Huel page, I don’t want them to have to click to see all product then click again. I would like to add an extra link the head, “Other products” but there is currently no room.

I agree with Marcus. It is very hard to find all the products.

Maybe customers are only buying Huel because they don’t even see the other products! Most of the products aren’t really vital but I think it should be easier to find the flavour pouches.

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Haha, thanks for starting this thread, I’ve been trying to work out for a while how to buy the cool white steel shaker! Now I can.

We have three ideas to help with this issue:

  1. We will start to display “related items” on each product page
  2. We will start to display “related items” on the cart page
  3. We will review the top nav, maybe change “Buy” to “Buy Huel” and add “Shop” or “All Products”
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I noticed this the other day too; I was specifically looking to buy all four flavour pouches and it took me a while to scroll down to find the text mentioning that they were available so I could click the link, and then once I’d selected one it took me to my basket so to select the next flavour I had to repeat the entire process each time. :confused:

You should do all three things, for a while I did not know you had other products at all.

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