New Huel user/member

Hi all,

I wanted to pop by and say hi and let you all know about my experience so far.

First of all I really like the branding, I like the colours I think the whole range looks cool and I like the thought of supporting a UK start up.
The quality of everything is great really, I like the shaker bottle.

I’ve been taking Huel for a week now, I don’t measure it I just take when it’s not convent for me to make a healthy meal(most of the time). I’m still eating regular food about 60/40 regular to Huel some days more some days less.
I feel well doing this and the first real benefit is my bowl movements, I used to get bunged up, not since using Huel.
I’ve never had a good diet and still don’t, but I’m hoping Huel will partly make up for my unhealthy eating, I’m trying to mend my ways.
The only negative so far is that I’m peeing more but I find I’m drinking more water too so I guess that is probably a good thing.

My wife has been taking Huel too and days she’s lost weight, buy this could also be due to her stopping alcohol at the same time. Shes only has about 20% Huel in her diet.
We both quite like the flavour (vanilla), my wife is less keen but has no problem eating it, she added a banana to the mix yesterday and said it was beautiful.

Probably rather weird but my cat loves it, we found him licking leftovers from a glass and poured him a small amount out of curiosity, he loved it and we now give him a small amount occasionally as a treat, I guess a lttle won’t do him any harm. I think it’s the vanilla flavour that he’s hooked on.

Is there a better way to use this forum on Android phones, typing this is really difficult with the Huel logo blocking half my text.
I have TapaTalk for other forums but this forum doesn’t look compatible?

Anyhow I just wanted to say Hi and give some feedback


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Great - thanks for sharing