New Kid On The Block

Afternoon all, just ordere my first batch today and it looks like it will be turning up tomorrow.

I wanted to try it after a friend recomonded it to me so I can try and reboost my healthy life. Im loking at using it for breakfast and lunch to start with an dthen getting back to the gym.

My main want is to loose thise mysterious rool of blubber which has started to appear around my waste which I think is probably due to excessive sugar (and getting older) but I thought htis nand excercise would help.

Anyone else been here and able to offer any help.advice/technique on how Heul plus exercise and some gym work can help me out for the summer!!

Cheers everyone in advacne

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Hi Tony!

Welcome to Huel and welcome to the Forum, great to hear from you.

I’m sure our Huelers will be able to give you some great first hand advice. From me, yes Huel absolutely can help you lose this cheeky bit of “blubber” you have aquired. Huel gives you the means to monitor your calorie intake very precisely. Basically you lose fat when you consume less calories than your body uses.

To lose 1lb of fat per week you need to consume 500 calories less than you use per day. Huel can help because it’s low in sugar so you won’t get sugar cravings 20 mins after eating it, it’s high in protein which is satiating, and it’s very easy to know exactly how many calories you are consuming.

This is a useful guide on fat loss -

Be sure to keep us updated with your progress and do use the search function above to find some similar threads that may help you.

Hi Tony, I just joined today too. As far as exercise goes I would recommend at least an hour three times a week minimum. I personally don’t get on with gyms and prefer being outdoors, so joined a local ‘bootcamp’ fitness club. I find being part of a large group far more motivating than going solo in a gym :muscle: