New Merchandise!

You’re just worried about assimilation aren’t you, David?


If anyone else said that, it wouldn’t be scary. But you…

edit: hey, wait! Are you called Bee because it’s a hive mind?

Me too. I am wearing it in my current avatar


Hahaha haha bzzzzz zzzapp :honeybee:

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I would’ve thought they’d focus on your parking and lack of knowledge around proper indicating first :laughing:

And it’s perfect on you there, as the hooligan of the avian world.


I kind of like the Yeti Rambler Insulated bottles - good sizes too like a 36oz one.


here you go - a shaker graphic and wording I knocked up for you all to go and play with on the many websites out there allowing you to personalise just about anything…


Woah, thanks Phil. These are great!

Cool stuff, @Phil_C. Huel should start putting a couple of vinyl stickers in each pack, like Apple do. (Not sure if they still do; my last few Apple products have been second hand.)

My two favourite posts this week, combined… It’s alive!

I would really appreciate Huel branded tupperware to store Huel in whilst on the move. This design can be tailored to hold a serving and also help the transfer of Huel into the Huel shaker.

Hueligan really doesn’t resonate with me, should lose the G and call us Huelians instead.

I think Hueller is better than Huelian.
Huelians makes us sound like we are in a weird powder munching cult… followers of Julian


Ha, Julians Huelians?

No wait, we’re King Julian’s Huelians!

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cringing so hard

I suppose it doesn’t really matter, what we are called. But I don’t get this animosity against ‘hueligans’, it suits perfectly, we’re crazy about Huel.

The next best would be huellers IMO

That’s not what hooligan means. It means violent, disruptive fucker.

Like, football hooligans aren’t the people who love football the most. They’re the ones who use it as an excuse to kick the shit out of each other.

I don’t mind Huellers so much. We can make Huel into a verb like Google. “What are you Huelling for lunch?”


Huel needs to brand their own flatulence pants. Perfect complementary line. What every hueler needs.

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I would second that.

I would second that…