New to Huel - An ex scientist intrigued to test myself

My package should arrive in the next hour!!

I’m going to do 2 Huels and one meal a day. I’ve tried calorie counting with regular food on and off however I’m at the upper limit of a healthy BMI (which is flawed measurement etc I know) however the real indicator is none of my clothes fitting and my body shape having new (undesirable) areas…

I’ve been great at exercise so I want to keep up with my Les Mills spinning classes. Since starting them in April I’ve completed 109 classes. I’m hoping I can shed some of my excess fat (at least a stone, ideally 2), continue to feel good enough to exercise, stick to 500 calorie deficit (consistently and more painlessly than previously) and not feel nutritionally deficient (when I calorie restrict I usually get side effects such as weakening of my finger nails).

I’ve ordered unsweetened as I don’t like using chemical sugars, so I’ve been reading up on how to make it palatable…

Finally I often have a ‘dry’ mouth (despite drinking plenty of water and nothing else) and have tried to find out if I am deficient in something however never got to the bottom of it. I wonder if Huel may give me some improvement.

I’ll let you know how I get on, any additional advice gratefully received


Good luck.

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Brilliant top tip to add honey to the unsweetened/ unflavoured. I struggled at lunchtime with just a couple of strawberries whizzed in. This evening it’s much nicer. I’ve done ok on my first day. Had a fast walk by the sea while the kids scootered along and being able to come home and just grab it out of the fridge was very welcome.


Bananas :banana: seem to work well, if you’ve got any that are going black (ripe) just slice and freeze then use in a blender as required.


Yep, I usually throw in a banana or some frozen strawberries (6 or 7 seem to be the sweet spot for me). Regular huel is fine on its own but the fruit gives it some variety. I find the flavour boosts rather disappointing.

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Certain medications can cause a dry mouth. If you’re taking any medications, check the list of side effects.

No medications. In theory I’m super healthy. Normal BMI, don’t smoke, limited alcohol intake, exercise, drink water fairly exclusively.

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Get a blood test to check for sure pal

Mouth-breathing (due to allergies or nasal congestion or narrow nasal passages or habit) can cause dry mouth.
As can damage to salivary glands due to dental work, or other injury.
Anxiety aswell is a major cause.
You can buy dry-mouth washes, sprays, and saliva replacement gels. They can be quite helpful.

I have dry mouth and huel initially made the problem slightly worse (no idea why). It’s gone back to normal now tho.

@reverent what powder are you adding the flavour boosts to?
If you’re using unflavoured & unsweetened Huel, you need about double the FS to get the same impact, so if using the sample packets, try mixing them with only 1.5 scoops of Huel.

Personally I find the flavour boosts work best with Original Huel.
They are okay but a bit sickly on top of Vanilla huel in my opinion.
U/U works well with flavour boosts too, but you need to add quite a lot more

I’m not using any boosts as they have sweeteners in. I may try them if I’m struggling but I don’t sweeteners unless I really feel the need. I’m happy to add a teaspoon of honey instead. My auntie gives it to me from her own bees that she keeps in her garden.

I had basic blood tests and they all came back ok apart from needing to take vitamin d supplements and having my thyroid checked again in 6 months.


Sorry to be pedantic, but you’re intending doing three meals a day, two of which will be Huel :wink: Huel is a meal, or a snack, or a banquet depending on how much you have at once: it’s just food in a different form.


Sorry to be dim but I don’t get what you are saying

Nit picking on this? :wink:
‘I’m having 3 meals a day, of which 2 are going to be a Huel .’

We know what you mean :+1:


Plenty of humour on this forum eh? :laughing:

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Rookie error!


Haha take no notice. They are just taking the piss :laughing:

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About to start day 3. I have a headache that set in yesterday afternoon (no doubt my sugar come down) and I ache after my spin class (I’ve been doing these classes for 9 months so was well past any muscle soreness).

Am out all day with friends and a plethora of children. I’m finding the freedom of knowing I can have 2 huels and then just pick a sensible lunch in the restaurant my friend has booked very easy compared to previous diets.

Finally the scales so far say I have a lost 3lbs


My favourite so far has to be 2 scoops U/U, 200ml oat milk, fresh coffee and then make up to 400ml liquid, 5g honey.

Headache seems to have cleared (which may well be the coffee) and I was strong for spin last night with no muscle aches this morning. I have managed 3 days on 500 calorie deficit without falling off the wagon so all good so far. I would agree with other posts that my crazy sweet craving/ a weird drive to continually pick is much reduced on Huel.


Great first week. 6lbs down, 5 spin classes, no side effects, 2 meals out with no stress. Roll on second week, likely to stabilise at 1 - 2lbs a week now. I’m going to introduce some strength work.