Just starting out 100% Huel

Hi there, my name is Charlotte! I am 22 years old, a student and I am 162cm (5’3) and I am currently weighting 68,8 kg (151,6 lbs). I have been struggling with my weight for around 4years. I went to a dietician and lost about 5kg(11 lbs) in 3 months but I was starving, like really starving I couldn’t eat a thing and then after those 3 months I just gained double the weight back and since then I can’t seem to lose it and it became worse! But since december 2018 I began with weightlifting and I gained some extra muscle so I know a lot of my weight is muscle but I still don’t feel comfortable wearing a skirt or just skinny jeans. So my goal is to weight around 61kg or 134,5 lbs. Lately I just went crazy because all I though about was food, I was so busy calculating everything because nothing seems to work to lose weight so I became fixated on it and I used the scale to weight everything because that’s the only thing that helps if I track my calories. But it was so exhausting because I was constantly thinking about food and then I saw Huel and it just made me so excited that I could get something in my body with exacticly knowing how much calories and you get a lot of calories and without having to use that damn scale. So I just got my Huel yesterday and this morning I tried the vanilla one with 4 scoops and I am nauseous I can’t even finish the whole bottle or I think I am going to throw up. Does anyone else also had this feeling? And does it go away? I am going to try the coffee one at lunch. Oh also I am going to have like 10 scoops a day, it is like 1520 kcal is this a good start? I go spinning 2 times a week for 45minutes and once a week I do weightlifting, but after the exams I a going to go for 2 maybe 3 days. So my goal is to do Huel 100% for about 30days and from then on like two meals a day Huel and one normal meal. I am going to update my weight weekly on here so it is kind of a motivation for me :slight_smile: tips are welcome!

Starting weight = 68,8 kg
Starting fat = 24,2 kg
Starting muscle mass = 42,4 kg
Goal = 61kg -> 17kg fat & 44kg muscle

Have a great day you all!!

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3 scoops per 500ml liquid is what I’ve been doing (UK). Best start for me was one replacement for first week to get used to it and then ramp up in the following weeks. Lost nearly 20kg in 18 months :wink:

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Wow that is crazy! Yeah I am hoping that the other flavors will not make me nauseous so I can do this for 100%, but if it doesn’t I maybe try it one meal Huel for a week and then turn it up to 2 meals and so on!

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Also, seems to work better for me if made the night before and left in the fridge overnight. Failing that 3 ice cubes and a blender does the trick.
For flavour the U/U is better for me as I can change it up with :green_apple::apple::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::pineapple::coconut::chocolate_bar::chestnut::peanuts::honey_pot:
A nice treat for me is frozen cherries :cherries: chocolate :chocolate_bar: and a drizzle of honey :honey_pot:

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Oh I am going to try that! I also have the unflavoured maybe I try mixing it up with some frozen berries :strawberry:and mixing it! Good thought! Because now I just shaked it and there were lots of shunks/pieces dry powder still left in it and it didn’t taste nice!

Definitely try with a blender (I use a nutri ninja) and ice cubes. Once I did I never looked back. Also using almond milk works for me as it gives a creamier, thicker texture which I like. I use 200ml almond milk, 200ml water, 100g Huel and 4/5 ice cubes :blush:

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Yes a few of us here use almond milk for that reason, particularly Alpro brand. The extra gums make it thicker.

@Charls Have you worked out your daily calorie allowance using https://tdeecalculator.net/ and do you use MyFitnessPal to keep track? Good luck! :+1::grin:

Hey Charlotte welcome to Huel!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time. Exercise can help in many ways and can be especially helpful for regulating those feelings of hunger.

I’m not sure why you felt nauseous. It might be that you consumed your Huel too quickly (like eating any food) or it might simply be a subjective flavour thing.

We recommend that when you start your Huel diet, you first try replacing 1 meal with Huel, and then after a while (approx. 5-7 days) you could progress to replacing 2 of your daily meals (and then 3, 4, etc. if you want to go 100% Huel). This will allow your body to slowly adjust to Huel.

If you have any more questions the community are really good as you’ve already experienced from Colin and Jon.


Hi Bee, yes I calculated my calorie intake on that site that Huel suggested and I indeed use Myfitnesspal I have been using it for a while now, it is really handy! :slight_smile:

I will try it with some milk tomorrow maybe I will like it better! I tried the coffee flavor and I kind of liked it, I am just not a fan of the granular (I think it is form the peas) structure, but I think I will get used to it!

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Hi Dan, I think I am indeed going to introduce Huel slowly into my diet! So I will get more used to it! But I can’t wait to nurture my body with all the good stuff :wink:

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Hi there,
A quick update: I tried mixing the unflavoured Huel with some low fat milk and WOW I love it! It tastes just like oatmeal! I am now replacing 1 meal a day with Huel for 3 days and then starting on monday with replacing 2 meals with Huel until I am used to that and then I will have 100% Huel a few days a week and 2/3 Huel for a few days.

Also I was wondering how is the granola and the Huel bars? Has anyone experience with those? Because maybe it will be easier to switch it up with Huel products to succeed a 100% Huel day; for example a Huel shake in the morning, a few bars at lunch and the granola in the evening (I love something crunchy in the evening :slight_smile: ).

Have a wonderful day!


The Huel bars are absolutely delicious, especially since version 3. I personally think the original cocoa flavour is best but I always buy a box of chocolate orange too. For an over the top description see here (they were new and I was very excited) :joy:

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Haha loved your post and your excitement! I think I will definetly try the chocolate and orange ones as your description of the taste reminds me of Pimms (does anybody know these cookies?) and I absolutely loved them when I was younger!

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I have Huel granola for breakfast every morning, powder shake for lunch or dinner (depending on whether I go out for lunch or not) and bars for snacks in between. I love the new bars much better than the old ones. Choc Orange and Coffee are my favourites though I do like the Cocoa ones too.

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I used to love Jaffa Cakes but haven’t eaten any for years :grinning:

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I started testing Huel a week ago, and I felt the same with the chocolate flavor (which was the first I tried). I just went with what was suggested in the booklet and on the website, 600 ml for 3 scoops. Couldn’t finish it, felt a bit disgusted by the taste and texture. Since then I’ve kept at it and the feeling went away. I’m not sure what it was, but I have no trouble drinking now (it’s about 3/4rth of my diet). Haven’t tried it with milk or anything else, haven’t tried different water volumes or using a mixer yet. Also I’ve got to say I like chocolate more than vanilla (which has always been the case with those 2 flavors for me so no surprise there).

There’s still one thing that’s bothering me though, even though I got past the initial weird feeling, I still can’t help but crave for … tasty things every now and then. I don’t dislike Huel’s taste, I even enjoy it a bit, but every time I remember what a solid meal tastes like (red meat, white meat, sausages, fries, even just lentils or rice), I get this urge to eat one - even if I’m not hungry. If this craving never goes away, I feel like it’s going to be really hard for me to go 100% (which is what I was trying to do).


That craving for savoury food never really goes away in my experience. I just no longer want crisps and chocolate even if they’re right in front of me!

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Waaahhh! Wish I could say the same

If Huel ever takes away my appetite for crisps I’m stopping Huel :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the craving I gave into last week. Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisp sandwich (technically half a French bread baton as I try not to buy loaves of bread or I turn into the toast monster).
If you are going to give into a savoury carb craving, do it properly I reckon! Can’t beat a crisp sandwich.