New To Huel and amazed with it

on my second day and wow, i amazed how easy my stomach and digestion can just adjust to this. out the box i used 3 scoops on my first round and now i am 100% on Huel, even though second day in i did not have any issue at all. As a vegetarian its easier on me. This stuff is gold. 5/5


So glad you enjoying Huel. Thank you for glowing report! Keep Hueling!

I’m also on my second day. All good so far.I start work 3pm so I find it hard to have a decent meal and generally living on sandwiches and fast food. I’ve made up 3scoops and another 3 in a pot to mix up later . It feels strange not to be hungry when I haven’t had a normal meal. I’m aiming to be 100 percent during my working week. Will be interesting to see the family shopping bill drop. Well it has to as my wife is unconvinced.Time will tell.