New user - 50% intake

Hi all, hope you’re well…

I’m very intrigued by how Huel works and think it has great potential from what I’ve read.

I’ve ordered a months worth to give it a try and plan to take it along with x2 other meals per day (breakfast and dinner).

I find it very difficult to put on weight (muscle) mainly due to not eating enough food / calories. Everyone tells me “it’s simple, just eat more” however I find this hard with my lifestyle and often find myself missing meals. The ability to have a shake to compensate for the times I don’t have time to prep / eat a meal during the day appeals to me greatly. Also the fact that it satisfies your appetite without snacking on rubbish foods with high sugars / no nutritional value, so allows you to eat “clean” is a major plus I feel.

Anyway, should be receiving my order tomorrow so will keep anyone interested updated on my experience and will see how it goes…

All the best,

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Good luck Dean. I know it can be hard for some people to put weight on. Huel should help it provides everything you need. Carbs for energy, essential fats, and lots of protein. It provides 150g of protein per 2000 cals and an excellent amino acid profile -

Alternatively just wait until you get to my age and you will put weight on a lot easier. :wink:

Hi Dean

If you’re a hard gainer, then you need to eat big - you can’t miss meals. Why not always carry 3 scoops of Huel in a shaker, then you can mix a meal up if you are busy and would otherwise miss a meal.

You might be interested in my own Huel journal here: