New user saying hello

Hi, I’m Steve and I placed my first order earlier this morning. I like the idea of having this forum to support the Huel journey so thought I’d drop by to say hello.

I’ve been a fan of healthy smoothies in the past and am currently using a Herbalife shake which I’m not too impressed with due to the high sugar content. Looking forward to my first breakfast of Huel, possibly on Friday :grinning:


Welcome to the Huel community :slight_smile:

Thanks for choosing Huel! Good to chat earlier Steve. Hope you can get the results you want with Huel.

Thanks Tim & Pookey. Looks like I’ll be getting my delivery tomorrow so I’ll be starting my journey earlier than expected. Like most I’m just looking for a quick & convenient fix to breakfast & lunch and will settle down to a regular meal in the evenings.

I actually enjoy my smoothie / shake breakfasts, usually adding banana, blueberries, raspberries etc so am treating the Huel as the same. In the past I’ve also added flaxseed, ground oats, chia seed etc so can guess the texture & taste already

I can’t see myself going 100% Huel though, I do enjoy a hot cooked dinner served on a plate and sat at a table :sunglasses:

Most people don’t go 100%, yet most media accounts focus on people going 100%.

Well my delivery has just arrived and my first ‘meal’ has been made

First impressions of the company have been great, from the website, this forum and the 24 hour tracked delivery. Package was neat and the bonus water bottle and t-shirt were cool too, thanks.

First impression of the shake is not so great. I made it with three scoops and 550ml water. It’s not awful, just not particularly tasty. Texture is fine, would prefer a thicker mixture, will add less water next time. I’ll probably add some banana too to thicken the texture but need to be wary of the extra sugar and calories that will add.

I would thoroughly enjoy other shakes (such as the Herbalife F1) and would look forward to them every morning, but this Huel shake I am struggling to drink and am only slowly sipping. I certainly need to experiment by adding my usual fruit & berry combinations :slight_smile:

Only my first shake though, plenty more to go !! :slight_smile:

Day two on Huel. I added raspberries to my shake today. Still tastes a bit odd but better than yesterday.

One thing though, the plastic bottle is too large for my bottle holder in my car. Gutted !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Day three. Added banana, raspberries, and less water. I seem to have cracked it. It now resembles a smoothie and tastes far better. Onwards & upwards :+1:

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My first Huel was pretty nasty and it took me over an hour to drink it. It will take a few for you to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. I think the unique taste (having never tried anything like this before), the water/Huel ratio, lack of flavouring beyond the base Vanilla and that I allowed it to get to room temperature all contributed to an unpleasant experience.

I put ice in all mine now which I think is a big help. I use some of the Huel flavours which are also good. Haven’t tried any manual flavouring like fruits etc yet.

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Day four, sticking to my banana & raspberry mix. The strange thing is I’m actually enjoying the shake now and look forward to it !! The odd odour is also becoming bearable :grinning:

Also bought a pint sized screw lid beaker which fits perfectly in my car holder :sunglasses:

Cheers :+1:

I’m used to making smoothies so it seems natural to me to add fruit. According to my fitness pal, when I add fruit, total calories per shake is 600 :slight_smile:

Welcome to Huel

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Day 6 on Huel and still going strong :slight_smile:

I’m amazed by how little I’m eating on top of the shakes. Had a shake at 8am, protein bar at 10am, shake 12.30pm, 75g of mixed nuts at 3.30pm. Just got back from work and I’m really not hungry. Usually by now I would have had another snack with a coffee before cooking dinner.

The Huel gas started today though. MY GOD :scream: Pure evil !! How long will this last ???


The wind gods have smiled down upon you. Usually the Huel gas, it it decides to rear its vengeful head, starts up on Day 1.

Give your body a week to adjust.